"Women and Modern World" Social Charitable Centre

Organization's name: "Women and Modern World" Social Charitable Centre
Organization's acronym: CWMW
Former Name(s): ZAP
Headquarters address  
Address: H.Javid Str 27 A Shamakhi ,Azerbaijan.
Phone: (+99412)53983 26, mobile:(+99450)3322618
Fax: ZAP
Email: sudaba_shiraliyeva@yahoo.com
Web site: www.womenmw-az.org
Organization type: Non-governmental organization
  • Russian
  • English


Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:
Economic and Social:
  • Children
  • Criminal Justice
  • Drug Control
  • Education
  • Family
  • Human Rights
  • Humanitarian Affairs
  • Labour
  • Migration
  • Social Development
  • Women
  • Women/gender Equality
  • Youth

Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training of women
  • Human rights of women
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • The girl child
  • Trafficking in women and girls
  • Violence against women
  • Women and HIV/AIDS
  • Women and armed conflict
  • Women and health
  • Women and the economy
  • Women and the media

Social Development:
  • Conflict
  • Information and Communications Technologies
  • Social policy
  • Youth

Sustainable Development:
  • Capacity-building
  • Education
  • Gender equality
  • Health
  • International cooperation for an enabling environment
  • Major Groups
  • Rural Development
  • Sustainable Tourism
Geographic scope: National
Country of activity:
  • Azerbaijan
Millennium Development Goals:
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Develop global partnership for development
Mission statement:
Year established (YYYY): 1999
Year of registration (YYYY): 1999
Organizational structure: 2500 women and youth women

Additional Information

Sustainable Development

Major group affiliation:
  • Women
Involvement in UN Partnerships: Yes
If yes, explain in detail: We are involved in the UNDEF project "Underpining and developing democratic electoral processes in Azerbaijan" The project started in August 2008 will be over in August 2010. The project is determined for women.
Affiliation with other organizations: We are a member of: AWID - Association for Women’s Rights in Development WANGO ASTRA - Federation for Women and Family Planning IANSA WECF The Netherlands The Netzkraft Movement KARAT