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Modern Advocacy, Humanitarian, Social and Rehabilitation Association

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Sustainable Development

Major group affiliation:
  • Workers and trade unions
  • Children and youth
  • Women
  • Non-governmental organization
Affiliation with other organizations: British High Commission to Cameroon
Publications: Do we share equal rights - Stigma free work places, published in 2009 and designed to foster work out put development for workers living with HIV and AIDS.
Statements or documents submitted
Commission on Sustainable Development:
British High Commission Yaounde Press Release Launch Anti-HIV Stigma IEC Materials Place/Date: Bamenda, 11 Dec 2009 Status: For Immediate Release Contact: 22220545/ 74652179 (MAHSRA) will launch Information, Education and Communication (IEC) kits to fight stigma against People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA) at the Bamenda Congress Hall on Friday 11 December at 3pm. The materials have been produced as part of the project “Up-scaling the Rights of AIDS Sufferers” sponsored by the British High Commission. The project is designed to fight institutionalised and societal stigma against people living with HIV /AIDS and encourage employers and socio-cultural groups to adopt specific policies that protect the rights of HIV-infected workers and group members. Talking ahead of the launch, British High Commissioner Bharat Joshi said: “We all know of the immense damage that HIV/AIDS has inflicted across Africa over the past two decades. I am proud that we are supporting this important project through MAHSRA to ensure that sufferers are not marginalised at a time when they need the support of friends, family and colleagues most.” The prepared package for the event includes teachings on the respect of a code of conduct in workplaces, the presentation of a bilingual monograph on HIV/AIDS, a brochure that addresses the issue of Stigmatisation, a short film and a musical video Album on Human Rights and HIV/AIDS. The improvised package will include drama and musical interludes themed around the Rights of PLWHA at their workplaces, groups, homes and amongst peers.

Advancement of Women

Affiliation with other organizations: Hope Raising stars (HRS)
Publications: "We have forgotten" musical women video album by Revolutionary stars. in 2007. local women initiative for women empowerment.