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Human Life International, Inc.

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Social Development

Purpose of the organization: The purpose of the organization is to strengthen the rights and dignity of every human person regardless of nationality, social or economic status. We promote the stability of Marriage as the foundation for a strong and just Society. A stable marriage stimulates economic stability, promotes a foundation for moral values, a healthy, stable environment conducive for raising children,
A list of members of the governing body of the organization, and their countries of nationality: The Seven Board members, President, two Vice-Presidents and US Director are American nationality. Eight Coordinators/Directors are: Mario Rojas (Country: Bolivia; Doctor Ligaya Acosta (Country: Philippines);Emil Hagamu (Country: Tanzania); George Wirnkar (Country: Cameroon); Raymond de Souza (Country: US Citize/Brazilian); Joannes Bucher (Country: Austria; Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carmbula (Us Citize/Uruguay); Arland Nichols (Country: US Citizen).