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ABD Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament

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Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Economic and Social:
  • Drug Control
  • Energy
  • Food

  • Gender Issues and Advancement of Women:
  • Advocacy and outreach
  • Capacity building
  • Education and training of women
  • Violence against women
  • Women and HIV/AIDS
  • Women and the economy

  • Social Development:
  • Aging
  • Disabled persons
  • Employment
  • Poverty
  • Social policy
  • Youth
  • Country of activity:
  • Spain
  • Millennium Development Goals:
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Improve maternal health
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Mission statement:
    Year established:
    Year of registration: 1990
    Organizational structure: Intervention Areas and projects on the ground ABD tries to answer the social challenges with our own skills and strategies. Within the experience in these areas, ABD refers to contribute strengthening governance, human rights and the enhancement of the role of civil society. In order to achieve these challenges, ABD develops 75 programs, from which ABD owns more than 23 programs which they involve around 178.652.196 Euros. All these projects are structured in five main intervention areas. Drugs Addiction Area Interventions are made in issues related to drug abuse and HIV / AIDS from a bio-psychosocial perspective and community with the services of prevention, care and placement designed to meet the specific people’s needs and to promote social development and healthy lifestyles. The projects implemented which cover the Drugs Addiction area are CAS BALUARD (Low Demanding Monitoring and Support Center for drug addiction); CAS (Monitoring and Assistance Centers); ENERGY CONTROL; Mobile Unit; BASICS; Predicting Risk of Emerging Drugs with In silico and Clinical Toxicology (PREDICT). Poverty and Inclusion area All groups are supplied in a situation of social vulnerability or exclusion. The strategies are based on prevention, care and information; all of them with the aim of achieving the social inclusion and integration. ABD has developed different projects regarding poverty and inclusion problems: Social and labour insertion; Socio-educational Care Service; Fuel Poverty Group; Assistance Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees; SAVA (Support Service for Independent Living); PINS- Connecting and improving peer intervention in nightlife settings on EU level (Erasmus+). Gender, Childhood and Family area Actions towards the change of patterns of abuse and dangerous behaviors commonly experienced by youth in dating relationships, dysfunctional families and children in a vulnerable situation. It works in youth engagement in the movement to end gender-based violence and to create social change, particularly those who have historically been denied the right to participation. It also provides support for adults working with young people, helping them to prepare on addressing violence and oppression by providing a theoretical framework for violence prevention work along with exercises in being effective allies to youth. Furthermore, attention, treatment and prevention are offered to current family situations using new methods to develop family’s welfare. Beneficiaries are people with psychosocial problems within dysfunctional family environment, such as domestic violence, abusive behavior or child abuse. ABD’s projects regarding the Childhood and Family area are the following: LARIS: Assistance, Treatment and Prevention of Gender-based and/or Domestic Violence Service; Family Care; Flats for mother and child inclusion; Centre for Child Development and Early Childhood Care; Family Area Petit Drac; Preinfant; Specialised intervention service for women victims of gender-based violence and their children (SIE). Community action and mediation area It works to prevent conflicts and to promote their resolution using participatory and inclusive methods in order to achieve a better social coexistence. ABD has developed the following projects regarding community action and mediation: Translation and Intercultural Mediation Service; Volunteering Program. Socio-health area Attention, organization, coordination and management of all the services, both individual and collective, which are needed by dependent people. The projects regarding this area are: Front Office Mataró; Daytime Center Casa Bloc; Home Assistance Service.
    Number and type of members: The impact of ABD is due to the work of an interdisciplinary team of 2,000 professionals and more than 400 people involved in voluntary work.
    Affiliation with NGO networks: RIOD Red iberoamericana de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales que trabajan en drogas y adicciones
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