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Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

Purpose: The Intercommission in its specialized character of Humanitarian body has the honour to submit its candidature to the Office of the Special Adviser for Africa,dealing with key african humanitarian operations in Senegal, Guinea, Congo RDC, Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia as well as in support of the SDGs and MDGs for povery alleviation. Also Intercommission operates against poverty by developing specific protocols for the adquate sending of humanitarian aid, to maximize humanitarian effectiveness.
Illustrative Project: Thies Hospital in Senegal The case of the Thies hospital (in Senegal) is a classic example of Intercommission action to reduce marginalization, scarcity of access to resources. Thies is a city of about 60 thousand inhabitants, located about 100 km from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. His small civil hospital was organized mainly for small operations, birth and nursery room and short hospitalization In 2018 a humanitarian delegation composed of Intercommission representatives, coordinated by Pasquale Bonfiglio, appertaining to the Italian Carabinieri Corps, made an inspection to ascertain the difficult situations in which the hospital was abandoned (ibidem). Here the marginalization went hand in hand with the scarcity of access meaning the impossibility to use some socially relevant assets (for example hospital facilities and the delivery room, if not mere surgical instruments or basic medicines) because the hospital was in fact unusable, the structure was so dilapidated that it did not even have doors and windows, the surgical instruments were rusty and the sterilizer was missing. This caused on the one hand a certain social disappointment and an increasing need for assistance, but on the other side a widespread feeling of passivity, typical of the systematic lack of interest in good practices (health, food, hygiene, water purification etc.) that brought to obsolescence, chronic deficiency and de facto unsuitability of essential elements of basic health, allowing the worsening of the most common pathologies and the degeneration of light wounds into severe sickness, as well as into many deaths from septicaemia. The hospital therefore needed: -a general renovation; -a supply of hospital-surgical instruments; -a supply of adequate medicines; (Ibidem) The dispatch of an equipped ambulance was organized, with medical instrumentation, as well as hospital beds, blankets and various medical materials. Having just finished the successful expedition of two other ambulances, always in Senegal, always thanks to the intervention of members of the Italian Carabinieri Corps and having already obtained a formal letter of praise from the Senegalese Embassy in Rome it was decided to proceed with the delivery of another ambulance with general hospital material and then providing, if everything was well, by means of a separate shipment, the most expensive instruments as the sterilizer, surgical equipment and devices, defibrillators, and so on.