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Association Basma pour les enfants handicapés mentaux

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Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Social Development:
  • Disabled persons
  • Geographic scope: Regional
  • Africa
  • Country of activity:
  • Morocco
  • Mission statement:
    Year established:
    Year of registration: 2019
    Organizational structure: Basma is an independent civil association created on 13-06-2003 in Fez on the initiative of a group of young people holding a degree in psychology and an educational training at the psycho - educational medical center ALMANAR in Rabat Morocco. the Basma association is interested in mentally handicapped children. the association creates a center for children with mental disabilities. The center of the association host more than 54 children of an age ranging from 5 years to 22 years are divided into 7 groups according to age and mental capacity
    Number and type of members: the office members are seven. there are two parents a doctor a pharmacy desux proffeseur
    Affiliation with NGO networks: National Union of Associations working in the field of intellectual disability in Morocco
    Funding structure:
  • Grants from Governments
  • Donations and grants from domestic sources
  • Funding structure other: wind the products of the workshop
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