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Aboriginal Rights Coalition Australia

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Social Development

Accreditation to: Indigenous Forum
Affiliation with other organizations: 1) Cathryn Eatock, of the Kairi & Gubbi Gubbi/Batjula People of Central Queensland, Australia. Is an Executive and founding member of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition. Also a member of the national Congrees of Australia's First Peoples and a member of Unions NSW Aboriginal Committee. 2) Lyal Davis of the Yuin people of the South Coast of NSW. Is a member of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition.
Purpose of the organization: The Aboriginal Rights Coalition(ARC)is an Aboriginal community organisation that advocated for the rights of Aboriginal and Islander peoples. The ARC was initially established to campaigned against the Northern Territory Emergency Response(NTER). The ARC also campaigns on a broader Aboriginal rights agenda driven by the Aboriginal community, including on the issues of women, violence and land rights among others.