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Association Basma pour les enfants handicapés mentaux

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Social Development

Affiliation with other organizations: l'association Basma membre de l'Union nationale des associations travaillant dans le domaine de la déficience intellectuelle au Maroc
Publications: announcements- facebook page -the radio -the television -displiant
Purpose of the organization: sensitized the runners by creating awareness lianas between them. - Develop the autonomy of children; - Improve the abilities of each child. - Bring the children to adapt with the educators and between them. - Facilitate family adaptation and school and socio-professional integration.
Confirmation of the activities of the organization at the regional, national or international level: the association participates in training forums and seminar that explains the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:
A list of members of the governing body of the organization, and their countries of nationality: Association Basma Pour les enfants handicapés mentaux Fes LA FONCTION NOM PRENOM DATE DE NAISSANCE Métier LA situation familiale Nom de père Nom de mère CIN Adresse Nationalité Président ISMAIL BOUDROUS 05/06/1971 Errachidia Educateur Marier Ahmed Saida U 91614 N0 36 Rue Bani yeznasen Narjis D Fes Marocain Vice Président Moustapha Toudi 31/10/1973 sefrou Proff Célibataire Mohammed ben yousef Rabha mbarek U106247 Bloc A 891 Ain Ben Seffar Sefrou Marocain le secrétaire général Oufae Genouni Wazzani 1960/06/02 Fès Proff Marier Mohammed Touraya C33176 11 Avenu Elboanania rout immozar Fès Marocain Vice secrétaire général Aicha lamchiti 1963/0902/09 فاس Son Marier Mohammed Fatima bent ALLAL C309779 76 nouveaux Qu Doukkarat Fès Marocain Trésorier Samir ben Sliman 1956/01/01 فاس Doctor médecin Marier Si Mohammed Zineb C203722 23 Appartement 6 lot Elarsa farah 3 Fès Marocain Vice trésorier Mohmmed saoud 1977/05/04 مكناس Pharmacie Marier Elbakkali ben Ali Khadija bent Mohammed D422229 N 130 Avenu Elmajd Narjiss B Fés Marocain Consultant Samira Abad Andaloussi 1969/02/12 فاس Son Marier Salam Ghita BE465797 Lmmouble youssef Avenu Allal Ben Abdellah Fés Marocain
Description of the membership of the organization, indicating the total number of members: the members of the association are seven people