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International Emergency Management Organization (IEMO)

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Office of the Special Adviser on Africa

Purpose: OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY The International Emergency management Organization is focused on minor and neglected emergencies, residual from the large crisis dealt by the International System and on mobilization of under-mobilized or left aside resources, as well as on advocacy on emergency prevention through: -International Conference on Emergency Prevention (annual) the First and Second International Conference on Emergency Prevention, under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, of the UNDCF, of the Italian Presidency of Council of Ministers, under the High Patronage of the President of Senegal, the Ministry of Solidarity of Burundi, the Department of Civil Security of Congo, the Department of Civil Protection of Dominican Republic and of numerous other Governments and Governmental Authorities. -International Emergency Prevention Day, 14 April of each year, in commemoration to the establishment of the Organization (14 April 2006) with the goal to sensitize volunteer associations, the school system and the overall civil society to promote the diffusion of the culture of prevention and building up resilence as well as the sensitisation on assistance of neglected emergencies (first: to avoid duplications in emergency aid and second: to prevent the evolution of insurgent urgencies into larger emergencies) -Global Prevention Network (GPN) the Organization has decidedly committed to provide its total support to the United Nations, responding to the ECOSOC Res No: 2006/5 2007/3 2008/36 and, by launching its GPN since March 2011 under the Patronage of the President of European Parliament and of Italian Ministry of Public Administration and composed by numerous social actors, local authorities and communities as well as civil society associations, to commit to gather a noteworthy number of presently under-mobilized resources, in support of the United Nations System, to divulgate the need of an effective prevention of man-made and natural disasters.
Illustrative Project: GPN (Global Prevention Network) After the devastating effects of both natural and man-made crisis, which are seriously expanding today, the urgency and the necessity to contribute to emergency prevention has become an essential topic for the international community. The IEMO (International Emergency Management Organization) is launching the GPN as global network to mobilize resources to prevent the occurrence or the effects of emergencies with the aim to provide relief to the interesting populations. The GPN will share ideas, points of view, skills, expertises and suggestion on how to prevent emergencies and how to adequately respond to their ravage. in addition the IEMO, Organizing the Series of Conferences Entitles "International Confrence on Emergency Prevention" has launched the International Emergency Prevention day, and a series of additional initiatives: Emergency Prevention: the core of the Organization is represented by its Integrated Emergency Prevetion System (IEPS) a statistical database, suitable for multi-factor risk assesment. It is the first international attampt to match together natural with manmade and complex risk assesment. The high potential of this system residies in the capacity to connect Early Warning Systems Divulgation of Emergency Awareness: the Organization organizes the International Emergency Prevention Day (IEPD) each year and its parallel Inetrnational Conference on Emergency prevention, to gather sectorial experts on this very issue The IEMO is nowadays the only international organization especially focused on Emergency Prevention: and this is essential becouse Prevention is the only way to reduce Disaster and Catastrophes Emergency Assistance : the IEMO focuses on under-assisted and left aside emergencies, so to avoid duplication with other international actors and to avoid initail emergency develop into large catastrophes. In this respect it has developed its International Emergency Response Mission, a an rgency management team deemed to intervene for prompt recovery of under-assisted emergencies. Finally, the IEMO haslaunched the ISERP Somalia Emergency Response Plan has been planned by the IEMO Organization to face drought Crisis in Somalia, responding to the relevant UNGA Resolutions and Consolidated Appeals on Assistance for Somalia, affected by overall water scarcity and food insecurity. The ISERP Somalia Emergency Response Plan consists in 3 (three) phases, 1) activation of the Institutional Framework 2) gathering of Humanitarian Aid 3) delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Somali Population in need The organization is ready to commit its engagement to continuous support to OSAA for the years to come