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Public Administration and Development Management

Involvement in Public Administration: As an NGO representative, we have repeatedly appealed to many ministries and private companies for cooperation, based on the Law on Public Participation. Along with improving the existing laws on the development of civil society in this area, it is possible to at least think about deepening the mechanism of public criticism. It is necessary to inform the public about the negligence of some private companies, which do not actively cooperate with NGOs and do not participate in any charity events. It should not be forgotten that today the most acceptable option is to use the potential of NGOs by expanding the financial circle. For this work to continue sustainably and effectively, an NGO economy must be formed.
Publications: https://youtu.be/jOtViGpq8vc https://youtu.be/Zu49OkhiweQ https://youtu.be/FPzw57JCuc4 https://youtu.be/mnREz9FAStQ https://youtu.be/XmnHadZmQrU https://youtu.be/QckGI_L-rz8

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