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A profile in this database and on this website does not in and of itself connote any affiliation with the United Nations, unless such affiliation is expressly indicated, i.e., by identifying the type of ECOSOC consultative status held by an NGO.

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Organization name Accreditation(s)/Affiliation(s) Print
'Aha Pūnana Leo Special 2020 icon
1M1B Foundation Special 2018 icon
28. Jun Special 2018 icon
350 Vermont Rio+20 icon
350.org Rio+20 icon
3HO Foundation, Inc. (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, Inc.) Roster 1997 DPI icon
3Strands Global Foundation Special 2020 icon
8th Day Center for Justice DPI icon
A Chance In Life, Inc. Special 2021 icon
A Leg to Stand On Special 2020 icon
AARP General 1995 DPI icon
Abiodun Adebayo Welfare Foundation Special 2012 OSAA icon
Academic Council on the United Nations System General 1996 icon
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine DPI icon
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Special 1983 DPI icon
Academy of Dentistry International Special 2018 DPI icon
Access Now Special 2016 icon
Action Against Hunger USA DPI icon
Action Canada for Population and Development Special 2004 WSSD icon
Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid Special 2013 icon
Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration ETC Group Roster 1997 icon
Action on Smoking and Health Special 2016 icon
Adbusters Media Foundation WSSD icon
Adventist Development and Relief Agency General 1997 icon
Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) Special 2016 OSAA icon
Advocates for Human Rights Special 1996 icon
Advocates for the Environment, Inc. Special 2020 icon
Advocates for Youth Special 2005 icon
AFRECure - All for Reparations and Emancipation Roster 1997 icon
Africa Center for International Law and Accountability OSAA icon
Africa Faith and Justice Network WSSD icon
Africa Great Lakes Networking Foundation (Agl) Canada OSAA icon
African Action on AIDS Special 2003 icon
African Aid Organization Special 2008 icon
African American Islamic Institute OSAA DPI icon
African Blackwood Conservation Project WSSD icon
African Center Foundation OSAA icon
African Computer and Technology Literacy Awareness Program (ACTLAP) Inc. Special 2013 icon
African Cultural Promotions Inc Special 2018 icon
African Diaspora for Good Governance OSAA icon
African Heritage Women in Education and Empowerment Special 2021 icon
African Hope Committee Inc. Special 2014 icon
African Law Center, Inc. Special 2018 icon
African Medical and Research Foundation, Inc. Roster 1977 WSSD DPI icon
African Relief in Action "ARIA" Special 2015 icon
African Services Committee, Inc. Special 1998 OSAA icon
African Sisters Education Collaborative Special 2021 icon
African Views Organization a NJ Nonprofit Corporation Special 2014 icon
African Women's Alliance, Inc. Rio+20 icon
African Women's Initiative on Habitat OSAA icon
African Youth for Transparency (AYFT) Special 2007 OSAA icon
African-American Society for Humanitarian Aid and Development Roster 1991 icon
Africans in America for Restitution and Repatriation Inc Special 2020 icon
AfroPresencia.com Special 2018 icon
AFS Inter-Cultural Programs, Inc. Special 1974 DPI icon
Agence francophone pour l’enseignement superieur et la recherche Roster icon
Aging Safely, Inc. OEWG Ageing icon
Agri Energy Roundtable Roster 1985 icon
Agricultural Missions, Inc. Special 2004 WSSD FfD icon
Aham Education Inc Special 2022 icon
AI for Rural SIDS icon
Aide Internationale pour L'enfance Special 2011 icon
AIDS Healthcare Foundation Special 2012 icon
AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition Special 2013 icon
AIESEC International Special 2007 icon
Airline Ambassadors International, Inc. Special 2004 DPI icon
Al Baqee Organization Nfp Special 2018 icon
Alan Guttmacher Institute Special 2000 icon
Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation Special 2017 icon
Albert Schweitzer Institute, The Special 2005 icon
Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Special 2019 icon
Alianza Americas Special 2019 icon
Alliance Creative Community Project Special 2013 OSAA Rio+20 icon
Alliance Defending Freedom Special 2010 icon
Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy Rio+20 icon
Alliance for the Environment Rio+20 icon
Alliance for Water Stewardship Rio+20 icon
Alliance Forum Foundation Special 2011 icon
Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning Roster 2000 CSD icon
Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities Corporation Roster 2004 icon
Allied Rainbow Communities International Special 2014 icon
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority DPI icon
Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns Special 2019 icon
Altrusa International Inc Roster 1978 icon
Amazon Conservation Team Special 2018 icon
Amazon Watch Rio+20 icon
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Special 2019 ODA icon
American Academy of Pediatrics, The Special 2016 icon
American Anthropological Association Roster 2004 CSD icon
American Association for Health Education Rio+20 DPI icon
American Association for the Advancement of Science Roster 1974 icon
American Association of Engineering Societies Roster 1950 icon
American Association of Jurists Special 1989 icon
American Automotive Policy Council, Inc. Special 2021 icon
American Bar Association Special 1997 icon
American Cancer Society DPI icon
American Civil Liberties Union Special 1996 DPI icon
American Cleaning Institute Roster 2002 icon
American College of Sports Medicine Special 2014 icon
American Correctional Association Special 1999 icon
American Counseling Association DPI icon
American Delegation of the Order of Danilo I Roster 2010 icon
American Diabetes Association, Inc. Special 2013 icon
American Family Association of New York Roster 2003 icon
American Federation for Aging Research OEWG Ageing icon
American Foreign Insurance Association Roster 1957 icon
American Foreign Law Association Roster 1979 icon
American Forest and Paper Association Roster 1996 icon
American Foundation of Savoy Orders Roster 2005 icon
American Heart Association, Inc. Special 2013 DPI icon
American Human Rights Council Special 2018 icon
American Humanist Association DPI icon
American Indian Law Alliance Special 1999 icon
American Islamic Congress DPI icon
American Jewish Committee, The Special 1997 DPI icon
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc. Special 2014 icon
American Learning Center OSAA icon
American Montessori Society DPI icon
American Mothers, Inc. Roster 2002 icon
American Motorcyclist Association Roster 2001 icon
American Museum of Natural History Special 2021 icon
American Nuclear Society/Environmental Sciences Division CSD icon
American Planning Association Special 2004 CSD icon
American Psychiatric Association Special 2014 icon
American Psychological Association Special 2000 icon
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Roster 1979 DPI icon
American Society of Criminology Special 2018 icon
American Society of International Law Special 1993 CSD DPI icon
American Society of Safety Engineers Special 2002 icon
American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit Special 2009 icon
American University Rio+20 icon
American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad, Inc / AYUDA, Inc.) Special 2007 icon
American Zionist Movement, Inc. Special 2022 icon
American-South African People's Friendship Association (ASAPFA) DPI icon
Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain Inc Special 2014 icon
Americas Society, Inc Roster 1974 icon
Amigos de Costa Rica WSSD icon
Amonuriel Sanctuary INC Special 2021 icon
Anchor of Salvation International Ministries Special 2013 icon
Anderson Center International Special 2020 icon
Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church Special 2019 icon
Animal People Inc Special 2021 icon
Apex Development Foundation Special 2019 icon
Arab African American Womens' Leadership Council Inc. Special 2013 icon
Arc Finance, Ltd. Special 2019 icon
Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility DPI icon
Arctic Athabaskan Council WSSD icon
Arizona Toxics Information Inc. (ATI) CSD icon
Armenia Fund USA DPI icon
Armenian Assembly of America Special 1999 DPI icon
Armenian International Women's Association Roster 1998 DPI icon
Armenian Relief Society Roster 1998 icon
Arms Control Asociation (ACA) prepCom ODA icon
Asabe Shehu Yar Adua Foundation Special 2012 OSAA Rio+20 icon
Ashoka-Innovators for the Public WSSD icon
Asia Initiatives Inc Special 2019 icon
Asia Society DPI icon
Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente Special 2014 Rio+20 icon
Aspen International Mountain Foundation Special 2021 icon
Assemblee des premieres nations du Quebec et du Labrador Roster 2010 icon
Assembly of First Nations - National Indian Brotherhood Special 2002 WSSD icon
Associated Medical Schools of New York DPI icon
Association actuarielle internationale Roster icon
Association canadienne pour le droit et la vérité Special 2019 icon
Association for the Protection of Women and Children’s Rights (APWCR) Special 2016 icon
Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention Inc DPI icon
Association for Women in Psychology DPI icon
Association for Women's Rights in Development General 1997 icon
Association for World Education Roster 1979 icon
Association Francophone Internationale des Directeurs d'Établissements Scolaires (AFIDES) Roster 2002 icon
Association Marocaine de Toronto Special 2021 icon
Association of American Railroads Roster 2002 icon
Association of Global South Studies (AGSS) Special 1995 icon
Association of Science-Technology Centers Rio+20 icon
Association of Space Explorers - USA CSD icon
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, The Special 1997 CSD DPI icon
Association of United Families International Special 1999 icon
Association of World Citizens Roster 1996 DPI icon
Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc. Special 2016 icon
Association Québécoise de Lutte Contre la Pollution Atmosphérique Rio+20 icon
Association Québécoise des Organismes de Coopération Internationale (AQOCI) Special 2021 CSD icon
ASTM International Special 2021 icon
Asylum Access Special 2013 icon
Atheist Alliance International Special 2013 icon
Athletes United for Peace Special 2011 DPI icon
Atlantic Council for International Cooperation – Conseil atlantique pour la coopération internationale Special 2022 icon
Atlantic States Legal Foundation, Inc Rio+20 icon
AUA Americas Chapter Inc Special 2013 icon
Autism Research Institute DPI icon
Autism Speaks Inc DPI icon
Avaaz Foundation Rio+20 icon
Avocats sans Frontières Québec Special 2019 icon
Azerbaijani American Cultural Association, Inc. Special 2016 icon
B'nai B'rith Roster DPI icon
B.C. Aboriginal Network on Disability Society Special 2018 icon
Baha'i International Community Special 1970 OSAA icon
Bakavi School of Permaculture CSD icon
Bancroft Global Development Special 2016 icon
Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikyo Parishad, USA, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Baptist World Alliance Special 1974 DPI icon
Bar Association for International Governmental Organizations, Inc. Special 2009 icon
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Special 2018 icon
Barinu Institute For Economic Development Special 2013 icon
Basic Health International Special 2014 icon
Batey Relief Alliance Inc Special 2014 DPI icon
Batonga Foundation Special 2021 icon
Battelle Memorial Institute Roster 1969 icon
BCARE USA Inc (BCARE International) Special 2019 icon
Belady US: An Island for Humanity Special 2021 icon
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs WSSD icon
Bell Global Justice Institute Special 2022 icon
Beyond War Rio+20 icon
Big Ocean Women Special 2021 icon
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation FfD icon
Binaytara Foundation Special 2013 icon
BJD Reinsurance Consulting, LLC Special 2016 icon
Black Alliance for Just Immigration Special 2018 icon
Black Women's Agenda, Inc. Roster 1996 icon
Blacksmith Institute Inc. Special 2016 icon
Blessing for Romania World Ministry Special 2017 icon
BlueGreen Alliance Foundation Rio+20 icon
Board of Certified Safety Professionals Special 2014 icon
Bond Street Theatre Coalition (BST) DPI icon
Books For Africa DPI icon
Boy With a Ball Ministries Special 2015 icon
Brazil Foundation Rio+20 icon
Bridge To Turkiye Special 2016 icon
Bridges of Hope Project, Inc. DPI icon
Bright Light Projects Special 2021 icon
Brighter Green Inc Special 2021 icon
British American Security Information Council ODA icon
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association Special 2014 icon
British Columbia Council for International Cooperation Special 2018 icon
British Columbia Environmental Network WSSD icon
Buddha's Light International Association Special 2003 DPI icon
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Special 2010 DPI icon
Build Change Special 2021 icon
Building Africa, Inc. FfD icon
Burleson Institute Inc Special 2017 icon
Business Civic Leadership Center Rio+20 icon
Business Council for International Understanding WSSD DPI icon
Business Council for Sustainable Energy Special 2006 WSSD icon
Business for Social Responsibility WSSD icon
C-Fam, Inc. Special 2014 icon
California Institute of Public Affairs WSSD icon
California State University, Northridge OSAA icon
Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC) Special 2009 icon
Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth Special 2020 icon
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Special 2021 icon
Campaign for U.N. Reform CSD icon
Campaign Life Coalition Special 1999 icon
Can-Go Afar Foundation Special 2018 icon
Canada's National Firearms Association Special 2015 icon
Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance Special 2022 icon
Canadian Canola Growers Association Special 2019 icon
Canadian Centre on Disability Studies Inc. Special 2017 icon
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) Special 2007 icon
Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation (CCAF) Roster 1983 icon
Canadian Council for International Cooperation Roster 1996 CSD icon
Canadian Council for Refugees Special 2017 icon
Canadian Council of Churches Special 1997 icon
Canadian Environmental Network Special 1997 icon
Canadian Federation of University Women Special 1998 icon
Canadian Forestry Association Roster 1996 CSD icon
Canadian Global Youth Advocacy Initiatives OSAA icon
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Special 2002 icon
Canadian Institute of Child Health WSSD icon
Canadian Institute of Forestry WSSD icon
Canadian International Chaplaincy Association Special 2021 icon
Canadian Labour Congress Special 2000 icon
Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health / Réseau Canadien sur la Santé des Mères, des Nouveau-Nés et des Enfants Special 2019 icon
Canadian Pugwash Group Special 2015 icon
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association CSD icon
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women Special 1998 icon
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Special 1997 DPI ODA icon
Canadian Women's Foundation / Fondation canadienne des femmes Special 2021 icon
Canadian Youth Foundation/Youth '92 CSD icon
Canners International Permanent Committee Roster icon
Carbon War Room Corporation Rio+20 icon
Care 2 give, Inc Special 2019 icon
Care-To-Help Foundation a NJ Nonprofit C Special 2016 icon
Caritas in Veritate International USA Special 2018 icon
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs (CCEIA) Roster 1979 DPI icon
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ODA icon
Carter Center FfD icon
Carter Center, Inc., The Special 2008 icon
Catholic Near East Welfare Association DPI icon
Catholic Relief Services - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Special 2019 icon
Catholics for Choice Special 1998 DPI icon
Center for a New American Dream WSSD icon
Center for Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Special 1999 icon
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation WSSD icon
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Rio+20 icon
Center for Constitutional Rights Inc. Special 2018 icon
Center for Development of International Law Roster 1996 icon
Center for Economic and Social Rights, The Special 1999 icon
Center for Ecozoic Societies Rio+20 icon
Center for Energy and Environmental Policy WSSD icon
Center for Environmental and Management Studies Roster 1996 icon
Center for Environmental Economic Development WSSD FfD icon
Center for Environmental Science and Policy, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University WSSD icon
Center for Global Development [US] Special 2021 icon
Center for Global Nonkilling Special 2014 icon
Center for Health and Gender Equity, Inc. Roster 2008 icon
Center For Human Care and Community Development Association(chuccoda) DPI icon
Center for Innovative and Pragmatic Development Initiative (CIPDI) Special 2021 icon
Center for Inquiry Special 2005 icon
Center for International Earth Science Information Network Special 1995 icon
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) Roster 1996 CSD icon
Center for International Health and Cooperation Special 1995 DPI icon
Center for International Human Rights Special 2012 icon
Center for International Virtual Schooling (C4IVS) Special 2013 Rio+20 DPI icon
Center for Justice and International Law Special 1996 icon
Center for Marine Conservation CSD icon
Center for Media & Peace Initiative Inc. Special 2017 icon
Center for Migration Studies of New York, The Special 2001 icon
Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey ODA icon
Center for Oceans Law and Policy (COLP) Special 2002 icon
Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) DPI icon
Center for Religion and Diplomacy, Inc. Special 2015 icon
Center for Reproductive Rights, Inc., The Special 1997 icon
Center for Research on the New International Economic Order, the Center of Concern Roster 1979 icon
Center for Respect of Life and Environment Roster 1996 CSD icon
Center for SDG Global Education USA OSAA icon
Center for Sustainability Studies Rio+20 icon
Center for the City at UM-KC, The WSSD icon
Center for the Global Study of Social Enterprise a NJ Nonprofit Corporation Special 2017 icon
Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry Special 2017 icon
Center for the Study of Women and Society CSD icon
Center For Urban Inquiry WSSD icon
Center for Women's Global Leadership Special 2000 DPI icon
Center of Concern, The Roster 1974 DPI icon
Center on International Cooperation - NYU ODA icon
Central Florida Earth Alliance / Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice Roster 1996 icon
Central Florida Earth Alliance/Florida Coalition CSD icon
Centre for Development and Population Activities Roster 1987 OSAA icon
Centre for Environmental Information CSD icon
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation Special 2011 icon
Centre for Health Science and Law (CHSL) Special 2019 icon
Centre for International Cooperation Roster 1989 icon
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law Special 2011 icon
Centre for Psychology and Social Change Rio+20 icon
Centre For Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Incorporated Special 2020 icon
Centre patronal de l environnement du Quebec WSSD icon
Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc Special 2005 icon
CGFNS International, Inc., Special 2015 icon
Chaire Desjardins en Gestion du Développement Durable, Université de Sherbrooke Rio+20 icon
Cherokee Nation of New Jersey Roster 2000 icon
Chicago T.A.S.C. Inc. Special 2012 icon
Child Family Health International Special 2008 icon
Child Welfare League of America Special 2000 icon
Childhood Education International Roster 1977 DPI icon
Children and Youth International Special 2020 Rio+20 icon
Children International Special 2008 DPI icon
Children of China Pediatrics Foundation (PSC) Special 2016 icon
Children of the Caribbean Inc. Special 2018 icon
Children of War Foundation Special 2021 icon
Children's HeartLink Special 2020 OSAA icon
Children's Hope India, Inc. Special 2018 icon
Chin Human Rights Organization Special 2018 icon
Chinese American Parent-Student Council of New York City Inc. Special 2015 icon
Christian Associations of Italian Laborers (U.S.A.) Inc. (ACLI) Special 2016 icon
Christian Children's Fund Special 1985 icon
Christian Legal Fellowship Special 2007 icon
Church of the Brethren DPI icon
Church Women United Roster 1999 CSD icon
Church World Service Special 1974 icon
Churches for Middle East Peace Special 2021 icon
Churches In One Accord Special 2019 icon
Cicoa Aging & In-Home Solutions OEWG Ageing icon
Cities of Peace, Inc. Special 2017 icon
Citizens for Global Solutions Roster 1996 CSD icon
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development Roster 1996 icon
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants Special 2005 icon
City of Austin Rio+20 icon
Climate Council CSD icon
Climate One at The Commonwealth Club Rio+20 icon
Climate Policy Initiative Rio+20 icon
Climate Works Foundation Rio+20 icon
Cmax Foundation, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Special 1989 DPI icon
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) WSSD icon
Coalition for Peace Action DPI icon
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) WSSD icon
Collaborative For Children Special 2022 icon
Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program, Inc. Roster 2008 icon
College of the Atlantic Special 2016 Rio+20 icon
Collegiate Congress Special 2021 icon
Colorado State University Rio+20 icon
Columbia Earth Institute WSSD icon
Columbia Foundation WSSD icon
Columbia University Rio+20 icon
Commission on Voluntary Service and Action Inc. Special 2013 Rio+20 icon
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace Roster 1975 icon
Commit-2-Change, Inc. Special 2019 icon
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow WSSD icon
Committee for Economic Development Roster 1970 icon
Committee to Protect Journalists, Inc. Special 2016 icon
Commonweal Roster 1996 CSD icon
Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations Roster 2003 CSD DPI icon
Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth Special 2014 icon
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America - CADCA Special 2007 icon
Community Education Services (CES) Canada Special 2013 icon
Community Systems Foundation Special 2016 icon
Competitive Enterprise Institute CSD icon
Concepts of Truth, Inc. Special 2015 icon
Concern Worldwide US, Inc. Special 2007 DPI icon
Concerned Women for America (CWA) Special 2001 icon
Concordia Summit Inc. DPI icon
Confederation of Fire Protection Association International Roster 2010 icon
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations General 2002 icon
Conflict Dynamics International, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Confluence Philanthropy Rio+20 icon
Congregation de Notre Dame DPI icon
Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Carmelite NGO Special 2009 icon
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace WSSD DPI icon
Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim, a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Special 2022 icon
Congregations of Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Eastern Province, Inc. / Claretian Missionaries DPI icon
Congregations of St. Joseph General 1999 icon
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Special 2004 icon
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Roster 1973 DPI icon
Congressional Black Caucus Political Education & Leadership Institute Special 2017 icon
Connecting.nyc Inc. Special 2015 icon
Conori Consults, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Conseil en education des premieres nations Roster 2010 icon
Conservation Corps WSSD icon
Conservation Council of Nations Rio+20 icon
Conservation Force, Inc. WSSD icon
Conservation International Foundation Special 2014 CSD icon
Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization Inc Special 2018 icon
Consultation. Evaluation. Education., Inc. Special 2017 icon
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity CSD icon
Consumer Alert WSSD icon
Continents University Special 2019 icon
Coolidge Center for Environmental Leadership CSD icon
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship USA DPI icon
Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations Special 1947 DPI icon
Coordination in Development, Inc. (CODEL) CSD icon
Coptic Orphans Support Association Special 2020 icon
Cork Forest Conservation Alliance Special 2013 icon
Cornerstone Mount Group "CMG", Inc. Special 2017 icon
Corporate Accountability International Special 2009 icon
CorpsAfrica Special 2021 icon
Council for a Parliament of World Religions DPI icon
Council for International Cooperation - Ontario Special 2020 icon
Council for Responsible Genetics DPI icon
Council of American Overseas Research Centers Special 1999 icon
Council of International Programs Special 1989 icon
Council on International and Public Affairs (CIPA) Roster 1996 CSD icon
Count of Monte Alea Foundation.Inc. Special 2015 icon
Cousteau Society DPI icon
Covenant House General 2011 DPI icon
Covenant International University and Seminary Inc Special 2016 icon
Creative Visions Foundation DPI icon
Criminologists Without Borders Inc Special 2014 icon
Crowley Children's Fund Special 2011 icon
Cubraiti, Inc. Special 2012 icon
Cultural Survival Special 2005 icon
Cyber Institute Special 2021 icon
D.A.R.E. America (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Special 2009 icon
D4DInsights, LLC Special 2021 icon
Dacia Revival International Society Inc. Special 2015 icon
Daisy Alliance ODA icon
Damien Foundation CSD icon
Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC) Roster icon
Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. DPI icon
Darfur Women Action Group Special 2019 icon
Darwin Animal Doctors Inc. Special 2022 icon
Data & Society Research Institute Inc. Special 2021 icon
David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace Special 2018 icon
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies Special 1999 icon
Days for Girls International Special 2016 icon
Daytop Village Foundation, Inc. DPI icon
Death Penalty Focus Special 2017 icon
December Twelfth Movement International Secretariat Special 1997 icon
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice WSSD icon
Defenders of Wildlife CSD icon
Defense Small Arms Advisory Council Special 2014 icon
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, The Roster 2003 DPI icon
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Special 2002 icon
Dementia Action Alliance Special 2018 icon
Dementia Alliance International Special 2020 icon
Democracy Coalition Project DPI icon
Democratic World Federalists DPI icon
DePaul University Special 2019 icon
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Special 2018 icon
Development and Relief Foundation Special 2016 icon
Development Gateway, Inc. Special 2021 Rio+20 icon
Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Special 2014 icon
Diaspora Capital OSAA icon
Digital Energy Solutions Campaign Rio+20 icon
Digital Opportunity Trust Special 2016 icon
Disability and Human Right Committee OSAA icon
Disability Rights Fund Inc Special 2017 icon
Disabled Peoples' International Special 1983 icon
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Special 2014 DPI icon
Dominican Leadership Conference Special 2002 icon
Drammeh Institute, Inc Special 2011 icon
DRCNet Foundation, Inc. Special 2016 icon
Drug Free America Foundation Special 2006 icon
Drug Information Association DPI icon
Drug Prevention Network of Canada Special 2011 icon
Drug Reform Coordination Network Inc. Special 2019 icon
Dui Hua Foundation, The Special 2005 icon
Dwa Fanm Rio+20 icon
Dynamique Gender ONGD International Special 2021 icon
Eagle Vision Charity, Inc Special 2021 icon
Earth Action Network CSD icon
Earth Charter Associates Ltd. Special 2016 Rio+20 icon
Earth Child Institute, Inc. Special 2012 Rio+20 DPI icon
Earth Council Roster 2000 CSD icon
Earth Day Network, Inc. Special 2012 WSSD icon
Earth Island Institute Inc Special 2016 CSD icon
Earth Law Center Special 2019 Rio+20 icon
Earth Society WSSD icon
Earth Society Foundation, Inc. Special 2004 DPI icon
EarthGame Rio+20 DPI icon
Earthjustice Special 1991 DPI icon
EarthRights International WSSD icon
East-West Management Institute Special 2010 icon
EastWest Institute Special 2009 icon
Eco Womanagement FfD icon
Eco-Ed CSD icon
Ecocity Builders WSSD icon
EcoHealth Alliance Special 2018 icon
Ecologia WSSD icon
EcoLogic Development Fund Rio+20 icon
Ecology Action Centre WSSD icon
Economic Chamber FfD icon
Economists for Peace and Security Special 1995 CSD DPI icon
Ecosystem Management Initiative WSSD icon
Ecotrust Rio+20 icon
Edfu Foundation Inc. Special 2018 icon
Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Roster 1997 icon
Education Development Center, Inc. WSSD DPI icon
Education For Employment Foundation (THE) DPI icon
Ekens Foundation International OSAA icon
El Cantare Foundation Special 2019 icon
Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center at Val-Kill DPI icon
Electric Power Research Institute CSD icon
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Special 2012 icon
Embajada Mundial de Activistas por la Paz (Global Embassy of Activists for Peace) Corp. Special 2018 icon
Emerging Leaders for Clean Energy - Leaders Émergents pour l'Énergie Propre Special 2021 icon
Enactus DPI icon
End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, Inc. Special 2014 icon
Energy Vision Special 2020 icon
Engage Now Africa Inc Special 2015 icon
EngenderHealth Roster 1979 icon
Engine Manufacturers Association Roster 2005 icon
Engineers Without Borders - International Special 2016 icon
Environic Foundation International Special 2008 WSSD icon
Environmental and Energy Study Institute CSD icon
Environmental Coalition for North America - ENCONA Roster 1974 icon
Environmental Defense Fund CSD icon
Environmental Grantmakers Association Rio+20 icon
Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade Rio+20 icon
Environmental Justice Resource Center WSSD icon
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) CSD icon
Environmental Media Services WSSD icon
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan WSSD icon
Environmental Youth Alliance WSSD icon
EOTO World Rio+20 icon
Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities International, Inc Special 2017 icon
Equality Now Special 1997 OSAA icon
EquallyAble Foundation Special 2014 icon
Equitas centre international d’education aux droits humains Special 1997 icon
Equiterre Rio+20 icon
ESCR-Net - International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Inc. Special 2020 icon
Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, The - (ERLC), Special 2007 icon
Ethiopian World Federation Special 2002 icon
European Union Association in the United States Special 2012 icon
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Special 2015 icon
Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians Special 2014 icon
Exodus Cry Inc Special 2014 icon
Fairleigh Dickinson University Special 2009 icon
Faithful Covenant Foundation Special 2018 icon
Faithful Path International Ministries Special 2021 icon
Families of the Missing Special 2006 icon
Family Care International Special 1997 icon
Family Development and Samaritan Foundation, Inc. Special 2018 icon
Family Research Council Special 2002 icon
Fang Protective Services, Incorporated Special 2016 icon
Farmers Educational & Cooperative Union of America Special 2013 icon
Fayette Companies Roster 2001 icon
Federal Bar Association Special 2020 icon
Federation des Femmes du Quebec WSSD icon
Federation of American Scientists Special 2005 ODA icon
Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) Special 1997 icon
Federation of Islamic Medical Associations Special 2005 icon
Federation of National Representations of the Experiment in International Living, The Special 1978 icon
Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) Roster 1997 icon
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) ODA icon
Feminist Majority Foundation Special 2001 icon
FEMM Foundation Special 2015 icon
Femmes Autochtones du Quebec, Inc./ Quebec Native Women, Inc. Special 2009 icon
Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation, Inc. Special 2013 Rio+20 icon
First Ladies Initiative Special 2017 icon
First Nations Summit Special 2011 icon
Fisheries Council of Canada CSD icon
Fishermen, Food & Allied Workers (FFAW/CAW) CSD icon
Flow for Water Rio+20 icon
Fondation du Dr Julien Special 2019 icon
Fondation One Drop / One Drop Foundation Special 2016 Rio+20 icon
Food & Water Watch Special 2012 Rio+20 icon
Food For The Poor DPI icon
Foot Prints for Peace ODA icon
For All Moonkind, Inc. Special 2022 icon
Fordham University DPI icon
Forest Trends Rio+20 icon
Foresta Institute for Ocean and Mountain Studies Roster 1973 icon
Forgotten children FfD icon
Fortify, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Forum 21 Institute Special 2021 icon
Foundation for Autism Support and Training Special 2013 icon
Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities Special 2019 icon
Foundation for Development Planning, Inc Special 2021 icon
Foundation for Environmental Stewardship Special 2017 icon
Foundation for Global Community Roster 1998 CSD icon
Foundation for Global Sports Development Special 2012 icon
Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa, Inc. Roster 2003 icon
Foundation for Human Horizon Special 2012 icon
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children Special 2019 icon
Foundation for International Training CSD icon
Foundation for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, The Roster 1974 DPI icon
Foundation for the Global Compact Rio+20 icon
Foundation for the Support of the United Nations General 1996 icon
Foundation of International Servant leadership Exchange Association Special 2017 icon
Franciscans International General 1995 CSD DPI ODA icon
Fraternite Notre Dame, Inc. Special 1996 DPI icon
Freedom for Immigrants Special 2021 icon
Freedom From Fistula Foundation OSAA DPI icon
Freedom from Hunger Special 2015 icon
Freedom House Special 1995 icon
Freedom Now Special 2015 icon
Friends of Africa International, Inc. Special 2009 icon
Friends of Angola Special 2018 icon
Friends of ISTAR Special 2013 icon
Friends of the Danbury Museum & Historical Society Authority Inc Special 2021 icon
Friends of the Earth - U.S.A Rio+20 icon
Friends of the United Nations CSD icon
Friends of UNFPA Special 2002 icon
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. Special 2015 DPI icon
ftdTEST--Centre for International Sustainable Development Law Commission FfD icon
Fundacion Conacce Chaplains Fcc OSAA icon
Fundación Luz María Special 2015 DPI icon
Fundación Riba Special 2015 icon
Future Generations Special 2021 WSSD icon
Fédération internationale des Coalitions pour la diversité culturelle, International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity Special 2017 icon
GAHT-US Corporation Special 2018 icon
Gambella development Agency GDA Inc WSSD icon
Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute Special 2015 icon
Gears of Change Rio+20 icon
GEMS Development Foundation Special 2021 icon
Gender at Work Special 2014 icon
General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists Special 1985 icon
Generations United Special 2005 icon
Georgetown Distance Education Institute, LLC OSAA icon
Georgetown University (The) Special 2019 icon
Geriatic Care and Vulnerable Support Initiative Special 2020 icon
Girl Be Heard DPI icon
Girl Scouts of the United States of America Special 2003 icon
Girl Vow, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Girls Learn International, Inc (GLI) Special 2009 DPI icon
Giving Back Fund Inc Special 2018 icon
Global 2000 CSD icon
Global 2000 (2010) International DPI icon
Global Action on Aging Special 2003 DPI icon
Global Advocates for Justice Rio+20 icon
Global Aid for Africa (GAA) Special 2021 icon
Global Alliance for Rights of Nature Rio+20 icon
Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anaesthesia Care Special 2022 icon
Global Alliance for Women's Health DPI icon
Global Alliance of SMEs, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Global Alliance Office on Drugs and Crime (GAODC) Special 2022 icon
Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments Special 2010 icon
Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network on Employment and Training Special 2018 icon
Global Autism Project Special 2016 icon
Global Bioethics Initiative, Inc. Special 2015 DPI icon
Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Special 2020 icon
Global Campaign for Climate Action Special 2013 Rio+20 icon
Global Center on Cooperative Security Inc Special 2021 icon
Global Climate Coalition CSD icon
Global Committee of Parliamentarians on Population and Development Special icon
Global Confederation for Promotion and Development, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Global Dairy Platform, Inc. Special 2018 icon
Global Deaf Muslim Federation Special 2021 icon
Global Disability Movement OSAA icon
Global Distribution Advocates, Inc Special 2016 icon
Global Education Associates DPI icon
Global Education Motivators Special 2014 DPI icon
Global Empowerment Movement Corporation Special 2018 icon
Global Energy Network International CSD icon
Global Environmental Management Education Center WSSD icon
Global Family CSD DPI ODA icon
Global Family for Love and Peace Special 2012 DPI icon
Global Financial Integrity Special 2016 icon
Global Fishing Watch, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders Roster 1993 icon
Global Forum on Human Settlements Special 2015 Rio+20 DPI icon
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development DPI icon
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Inc. Special 2013 icon
Global Fund for Widows Special 2017 icon
Global Futures Network WSSD icon
Global G.L.O.W. Special 2020 icon
Global Gender and Climate Alliance Rio+20 icon
Global Goodwill Ambassaodrs of the Republic of the Gambia OSAA icon
Global Health Council Roster 1987 icon
Global Health Partners, Inc. Special 2012 icon
Global Helping to Advance Women and Children Special 2009 icon
Global Housing Foundation (GHF) Special 2002 icon
Global Humanity care OSAA icon
Global Information Network DPI icon
Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Special 2014 icon
Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies Special 2017 icon
Global Interactions, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Global Justice Center Special 2011 icon
GLOBAL KIDS, INC. (GK) Rio+20 DPI icon
Global Life Savers Inc Special 2021 icon
Global Millennium Development Foundation Inc Special 2016 icon
Global Millennium International, Inc. Special 2016 icon
Global Music & Wellness Inc Special 2019 icon
Global NeuroCare Special 2013 icon
Global Peace Foundation Special 2019 DPI icon
Global Peace Initiative of Women Rio+20 icon
Global Policy Forum Special 2000 DPI icon
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment WSSD icon
Global Rights for Women Special 2022 icon
Global Security Institute ODA icon
Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership Rio+20 icon
Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership/Partenariat mondial pour l’électricité durable Special 2012 icon
Global Volunteers Special 1999 icon
Global Water Challenge Special 2022 icon
GLobal Water for Sustainability - Florida International University Rio+20 icon
Global Youth Action Network Special 2005 DPI icon
Global Zero Special 2016 ODA icon
GlobalPartnersUnited, LLC Special 2016 icon
Globe Aware Special 2008 icon
Go Global Foundation Special 2021 icon
Goldman Environmental Prize Rio+20 icon
Gooddler Foundation Special 2020 icon
Government Accountability Project DPI icon
Grace Leadership Foundation Inc Special 2019 icon
Grail, The Special 1998 icon
Grand Council of the Crees - Eeyou Istchee Roster 1987 DPI icon
Grand Triangle, Inc. Special 2011 icon
Grassroot Soccer DPI icon
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Rio+20 icon
Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood Special 1998 OSAA DPI icon
Gray Panthers Roster 1981 icon
Great Enlightenment Lotus Society Inc. Special 2019 icon
Great Harry Charity Foundation OSAA icon
Greater Impact Foundation Inc Special 2018 icon
Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council of North and South America General 1985 icon
Green Club WSSD icon
Green For All Rio+20 icon
Green Hope Foundation Special 2021 icon
GreenUP! Rio+20 icon
Groundswell International, Inc. Special 2019 icon
Group of 78, The DPI icon
Groupe d'économie solidaire du Québec Special 2013 Rio+20 icon
Guinea Development Foundation (GDF) Roster 2002 icon
Gypsy Council, Inc Special 2021 icon
Habitat for Humanity Int'l Special 1995 icon
Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc Special 2001 icon
Hague Appeal for Peace DPI icon
Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc Special 2017 icon
Haitian Connection Special 2019 icon
Hammond Redevelopment Commission WSSD icon
Hands of Love Group System Inc. Roster 2012 icon
Harambee House, Inc WSSD icon
Hardwired, Incorporated Special 2018 icon
Harlan Group for Civil Rights Inc. Special 2021 icon
Harm Reduction Coalition Special 2014 icon
Harvard Club New York, Special Interest Group "Africa" OSAA icon
Harvard International Relations Council, Inc. DPI icon
Hawaii Association of International Buddhists Roster 1996 icon
Hcny Sig Africa OSAA icon
Healey International Relief Foundation Inc Special 2018 icon
Health Care Without Harm Rio+20 icon
HealthAfric OSAA icon
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS, Inc.) Special 2008 icon
Heifer Project International (HPI) Roster CSD icon
Helen Keller International, Inc Roster DPI icon
Helen Woodward Animal Center Special 2022 icon
Hellenic Initiative, Inc. Special 2019 icon
Help Me See, Inc. Special 2015 icon
Help Not Handcuffs Special 2017 icon
HelpAge USA Special 2021 icon
Heritage Foundation, The Special 2003 icon
Hesperian Foundation WSSD icon
High Atlas Foundation Special 2011 icon
Holt International Children's Services, Inc. Special 2017 icon
Hope Africa OSAA icon
Hope for a Healthier Humanity Foundation, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Hope for Africa Special 2002 OSAA icon
HOPE Worldwide, Ltd. Special 1996 icon
Horn of Africa Aid and Rehabilitation Action Network Special 2016 icon
Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO) Special 2015 icon
Horng International Humanitarian Organization NGO FfD icon
Housing Works Inc Special 2012 icon
Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society Special 2003 icon
Huairou Commission: Women, Homes and Community Special 2005 icon
Hudson Institute, Inc. ODA icon
Human Impacts Institute, Inc. Special 2020 icon
Human Life International, Inc. Special 2014 icon
Human Rights Advocates Inc. Special 1985 icon
Human Rights Advocates International DPI icon
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) Special 2007 icon
Human Rights First Special 1991 DPI icon
Human Rights for Kids Special 2022 icon
Human Rights Internet DPI icon
Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa Special 2011 icon
Human Rights Watch Special 1993 icon
Human Service Alliance Roster 1996 icon
Humane Society of the United States General 1996 icon
Humanitarian Foundation of Canada Special 2005 icon
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team United States Incorporated Special 2018 icon
Humanitarian Tracker Special 2022 icon
Humanity Development Initiative a NJ Nonprofit Corporation Special 2021 icon
Humanity Unified International, Inc Special 2020 icon
Humans for Peace Movement OSAA icon
Hunger Project, The Roster 1985 icon
Hunt Alternatives Fund DPI icon
Hunt Hill Farm Trust Inc Special 2022 icon
IBREA Foundation Special 2015 icon
ICV Group, Inc. Special 2021 icon
Ideas Beyond Borders, Inc. Special 2021 icon
IDEAS for US Special 2014 Rio+20 icon
IDP Foundation, Inc. Special 2012 icon
IFMA Foundation Special 2022 icon
Ihsan Foundation for West Africa Special 2017 icon
ILAR, INC. Special 2021 icon
Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya, Inc. Special 2013 icon
Imamia Medics International Special 2006 DPI icon
Imani Works Corporation Special 2019 icon
IMUNA, Incorporated Special 2020 DPI icon
Independent International Legal Advocates Special 2021 icon
Indian Law Resource Centre Roster 1981 DPI icon
Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council Special 2021 icon
Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism Rio+20 icon
Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation Special 2004 icon
Indigenous Survival International CSD icon
Indigenous Tourism Rights International Roster 2002 icon
Indigenous Women s Network WSSD icon
Indigenous World Association Special 1985 icon
Industrial Designers Society of America CSD icon
INHR Special 2022 icon
Initiative for Equality Special 2017 Rio+20 icon
Initiative: Eau Special 2017 icon
Innu Council of Nitassinan (Innu Nation) Special 1997 icon
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Special 2000 CSD icon
Institute for Ecological Civilization Special 2021 icon
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, The (IEER) ODA icon
Institute for International Urban Development Special 2007 icon
Institute for International Women's Rights - Manitoba Inc. Special 2016 icon
Institute for Multicultural Communications Cooperation and Development, Inc. Special 2004 DPI icon
Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services, Inc. Special 2014 DPI icon
Institute for Population Studies Rio+20 icon
Institute for Practical Idealism Special 2013 icon
Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) DPI ODA icon
Institute for the Development in Education, Arts and Leisure Special 2004 DPI icon
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) Roster 1998 CSD icon
Institute of Cultural Affairs International Special 1985 icon
Institute of Global Education Special 1998 icon
Institute of International Container Lessors Roster 1973 icon
Institute of International Education, Inc. (IIE) Roster 1983 DPI icon
Institute of Noahide Code General 2021 icon
Institute of the Black World 21st Century Inc Special 2021 icon
Inter-American Dialogue FfD icon
Inter-American Press Association Special 1953 icon
Interaction, American Council for Voluntary International Action General 1995 OSAA icon
Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy Special 2016 Rio+20 icon
Interhemispheric Resource Center FfD icon
International Accountability Mechanisms Rio+20 icon
International Accountability Project Special 2016 icon
International Advertising Association (IAA) Roster 1984 DPI icon
International Advisory Committee on Population and Law Roster 1973 icon
International Alliance for Responsible Drinking Special 2011 icon
International Amateur Radio Union Roster icon
International Arts Movement, Inc. Special 2019 icon
International Association Against Torture Special 1987 icon
International Association for Counseling Roster icon
International Association for Ecology and Health Rio+20 icon
International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. Special 2017 icon
International Association for Housing Science Roster 1979 DPI icon
International Association for Integration, Dignity, and Economic Advancement, IDEA Special 2006 icon
International Association for Media and Communication Research Special 2008 icon
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth Roster 1963 DPI icon
International Association for the Promotion of Democracy under God - Pro Deo Roster 1979 icon
International Association for the Study of Pain Roster icon
International Association for Volunteer Effort DPI icon
International Association for Women's Mental Health Special 2006 icon
International Association of Airport and Seaport Police Roster 1986 icon
International Association of Applied Psychology Special 2005 icon
International Association of Chiefs of Police Roster 1974 icon
International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) Special 1969 ODA icon
International Association of Educators for World Peace Roster 1993 icon
International Association of Geophysical Contractors Special 2021 icon
International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics Special 2009 icon
International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing Special 2003 icon
International Association of Independent Journalists Inc. Special 2016 icon
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms Special 1995 ODA icon
International Association of Lions Clubs General 1998 icon
International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics Roster DPI icon
International Association of Safety Professionals Roster 2004 icon
International Association of University Presidents Special 1993 icon
International Association of Women Judges Special 2009 icon
International Association of Youth and Students for Peace, Inc. Special 2022 icon
International Black Women for Wages for Housework Special 1999 icon
International Brain Education Association DPI icon
International Cancer Expert Corps Special 2021 icon
International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD), Inc. Special 2016 icon
International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc. Special 2021 icon
International Center for Dynamics of Development Roster 1977 icon
International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, Inc. Special 2015 icon
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (INCPL) Special 2003 icon
International Center for Research on Women General 1998 icon
International Center for Transitional Justice DPI icon
International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children Special 2008 icon