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Parliamentary Meeting at the MDGs Summit
21 September, 2010
A panel discussion with members of parliaments accompanying their heads of state or of government to the MDG Summit. The event will focus on the main deliverables of the outcome document of the Summit with a vivew to building support for them in national parliaments. It will also help establish expa...

21 September, 2010
Financial institutions have privatized gains and socialized losses, thereby retarding progress toward the MDGs and increasing levels of poverty and inequality in most countries of the world. The privatization of gains occurs through high banking sector profits in good and even in bad times, tax eva...

Climate Vulnerability and Its Impact on MDGs
21 September, 2010
The timing of the conference: Coming ahead of the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico (from 29 November to 10 December 2010), the event is timely for forging a common vision on how to tackle the climate challenges in South Asia and beyond and overcome obstacles towards th...

Decent Work and the MDGs: Keeping the Promise
21 September, 2010
Decent work is now recognized as being integral to the achievement of all the MDGs; yet progress in realizing its targets has been slow. Rather, the predominance of neo-liberal economic policies has fuelled massive unemployment and jobless growth, and has led to multiple crises that have exacerbated...

Onna Charity Orgnaization Forum For MDG Goals
21 September, 2010
onna charity organization will be hosting a side event during the UN MDG summit ONNA seek to assist in prompting awareness , raise funding and implementing responsible solution for the support of the MDG Goals that specifically relate to the indigenous issues of new halfa and wadi halfa ,indigenous ...

Slum Upgrading and Prevention Initiative for Poverty Reduction in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries
21 September, 2010
A panel discussion that envisages expected outcomes for the EC, ACP Group of States and UN-HABITAT that include, (1) reporting on ACP countries┐ concerns and potential urban solutions contributing towards the achievement of the MDGs; (2) presentation of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (P...

Forest Landscapes and Global Change ┐ IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference
21 - 27 September, 2010

World's Women at the Centre of Achieving the MDGs
20 September, 2010
The presentations and discussion will draw upon five recommendations presented at the MDG3 conference on 25 March 2010 in Copenhagen on how to accelerate the achievement of the MDGs. These are summarized as:
- Economic empowerment of women as a rights' issue and as smart economics
- Exp...

MDGs, aim and driving force of growth and development
20 September, 2010
Presentations by Moroccan and international personalities on the topic of the side event

The African Network of Parliamentarians on MDGs
20 September, 2010
Enhancing African parliamentary engagement in MDGs for accelerating progress in 2010-1015.

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