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Skills development activity for parliamentary libraries of the Arab region
08 - 10 August, 2012
The Division of Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM), through the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament, the IFLA Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments and the Parliament of Finland are co-organizing this event.

The Skills Development Activity envisages ...

81st session - Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
06 - 31 August, 2012

The Tenth UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names (UNCSGN)
31 July - 09 August, 2012
In conjunction with the 10th UNCSGN, the 27th Session of the UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) will be held on 30 July-10 August, one day prior and one day after the Tenth United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names.

The UNCSGN is held every five ...

Second workshop on forest financing in SIDS,
24 - 26 July, 2012

ECOSOC 2012 Substantive Session - General Segment
23 - 27 July, 2012
During this segment to be held on 23-27 July, the Council will review reports of its subsidiary bodies and of other UN entities working in the economic and social fields
The subsidiary bodies include the Council┐s functional commissions, regional commissions, expert and ad hoc bodies. The Segmen...

ECOSOC 2012 Substantive Session - Informal Joint Event
18 July, 2012

ECOSOC 2012 Substantive Session - Humanitarian Affairs Segment
18 - 20 July, 2012
The Segment is arranged under the theme ┐Working in partnership to strengthen coordination of humanitarian assistance in a changing world┐, and it will feature two panel events on the following topics:

- Improving capacities for evidence-based humanitarian decision-making;
- Partnership...

ECOSOC 2012 Substantive Session - Operational Activities Segment
13 - 17 July, 2012
Taking place on 13-17 July, this segment will be guided by the two reports of the Secretary-General for the 2012 Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR) and the report of the independent evaluation of the Delivering as One programme.

The QCPR is the mechanism by which the General Ass...

IT training workshop for key participants from the Morocco National Statistics Office (NSO)
11 - 18 July, 2012
The workshop is organized by DESA┐s Statistics Division (UNSD) as part of the UNSD-DFID Project on Improving the Availability, Collation and Dissemination of National Development Indicators.

The training will cover eXtensible Markup Language (XML), eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformat...

ECOSOC 2012 Substantive Session - Coordination Segment
10 - 12 July, 2012
Organized on 10-12 July, this segment will focus on following up to the 2011 Ministerial Declaration on "implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to education" and to the International Conference on Financing for Development

There will be a dialogue with the e...

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