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Dialogue on UN operational activities for development: emerging issues and challenges ┐ Seminar 1: Emerging Issues in UN Development Operations
13 February, 2012

The International Year of Forests, 2011 closing ceremony
09 February, 2012
The event will feature an awards ceremony for the five regional winners of the 2011 Forest Heroes Award, recognizing their innovative approach and dedication in nurturing and sustaining our world┐s forests. Regional winners were selected from the fifteen short-listed finalists announced at Forest Da...

DCF Meeting on "The Changing Context of Development: What Does It Mean for Cooperation and Global Partnership"
09 February, 2012

Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) preparatory meeting on ┐The Changing Context of Development: What does it mean for Cooperation and Global Parntership┐
09 February, 2012
The global partnership for development agreed at major UN conferences, remains the centrepiece of international development cooperation. However, in a changing development landscape, the global partnership itself is evolving as new players with new approaches to development cooperation and new aid m...

Presentation on 2012 Report on Economic and Social Prospects
08 February, 2012

2012 Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) e-discussion on ┐Jobs, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth┐
08 February - 14 March, 2012
UN DESA is currently hosting this e-discussion in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). It is an open, multi-stakeholder space for experts, practitioners and policy-makers to discuss a series of questions pertaining to the AMR theme. Mr....

2012 Organizational Session
07 - 10 February, 2012

Interactive dialogue on the current economic and financial situation
07 February, 2012
The global economy faces acute uncertainties and volatility, which present serious concerns to all United Nations Member States. In order to better understand the structural or systemic challenges of the current global economic and financial order and to explore adequate policy responses, the United...

Briefing session by prominent economists on global Economic and Financial Situation
07 February, 2012

Interfaith Harmony Week
07 February, 2012
An event will be held at the General Assembly in commemoration of World Interfaith Harmony Week from 10 am to 1 pm, as authorized by UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/65/5.

The resolution, adopted in 2010, reaffirms that m...

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