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Regional Workshop ┐The Impact of New Technologies in the Transformation of the Legislative Branch: From Awareness, to Planning, to Action┐
30 May - 01 June, 2012
This regional workshop intends to serve as a forum for participants to discuss how the recently developed Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategic Plans can be implemented in each of the beneficiary Parliament of the UN DESA Project ┐Support to ICT Strategic Planning in the Caribbe...

60th session - Committee on the Rights of the Child
29 May - 15 June, 2012

Informal consultations on the Rio+20 outcome document
29 May - 02 June, 2012

Commission on Science and Technology for Development, 15th session
21 - 25 May, 2012

2012 Resumed Session, Committee on NGOs
21 - 30 May, 2012
The 2012 Resumed Session of the Committee on NGOs will take place from 21 to 30 May 2012. The session is expected to consider new applications for status by NGOs as well as applications deferred from earlier sessions. It will also review quadrennial reports of NGOs in general or special consultative...

Seventh Facilitation Meeting on implementing the outcomes of the World Summit
17 May, 2012
Participants will exchange information and discuss progress in implementing three of the 11 WSIS Action Lines: the role of public governance authorities and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICT for development (Action Line C1); ICT applications ┐ e-government (action Line C7); and international ...

Internet Governance Forum
15 - 17 May, 2012
The Open Consultations and the meeting of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) will focus on discussions on the programme, workshops and schedule of the 2012 IGF meeting that will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on ┐Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development┐. Mr....

Expert Group Meeting on Good Practices in Family Policy Making
15 - 17 May, 2012
This expert Group Meeting is entitled ┐Good Practices in Family Policy Making: Family Policy Development, Monitoring and Implementation: Lessons Learnt┐. The main issues to be discussed will be family policy making, work-family balance, recent trends in family poverty and social exclusion, anti-pove...

Regional Workshop on CensusInfo
15 - 18 May, 2012
One of the major lessons from the 2000 round of population and housing censuses points to the necessity of taking full advantage of the data collected through censuses via appropriate dissemination and analysis mechanisms. Often, census results are disseminated only in a tabular format┐whether in pr...

Second Workshop on ICT Strategic Planning in the SADC Parliaments
14 - 16 May, 2012
The purpose of the second Workshop is to provide a forum for parliaments to discuss how the UN DESA Project ┐Support to ICT Strategic Planning in the SADC Parliaments┐, funded by the European Commission, through the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, lead to any parti...

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