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Expert Group Meeting on ┐Strategies for Attracting the best talent in the Public Service in Africa"
14 - 18 November, 2011
A workshop on Strengthening Public Administration and Leadership Capacities at Local Level for the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will be held during the 33rd Annual Round-Table Conference of AAPAM. The workshop, a collaboration of DESA through the Division for Public Administrat...

Inter-Agency Technical Meeting on Broadening Coherence and Collaboration for Rural Development through Employment and Decent Work
14 - 15 November, 2011
DESA┐s Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD), in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), will organize the event, intended as a continuation and a follow up of the Inter-agency technical meeting on ┐Building employmen...

Expert Group Meeting on Mortality Crises: Conflicts, Violence, Famine, Natural Disasters and the Growing Burden of Non-communicable Diseases
14 - 15 November, 2011
DESA┐s Population Division is organizing the meeting with the main objective to review the state of the art in regard to evidence and understanding of crises that cause significant rises in mortality levels and to initiate a discussion on how current knowledge on this issue can inform the preparatio...

UN Sub-regional Workshop on Census Data Evaluation
14 - 17 November, 2011
DESA┐s Statistics Division in cooperation with the Cambodian Institute of Statistics will organize a Workshop on Census Data Evaluation. This workshop will be organized within the framework of the UN/DESA Development Account project for strengthening the statistical capacity of countries in South-Ea...

Information sessions to Member States on UN Public Service Awards 2012
10 November, 2011
The UN Public Service Award is an international recognition designed to promote excellence and support innovations in public service delivery worldwide under the management of DESA┐s Division of Public Administration Development Management (DPADM). It is open to public organizations of all kinds, in...

Consultative Meeting on Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence against Women
08 - 10 November, 2011
DESA┐s Statistics Division will conduct a Consultative Meeting to Review the Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence against Women. The draft guidelines provide comprehensive methodological guidance regarding the selection of core and additional topics, sources of data, relevant statistical ...

24th session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission and Second Asia Pacific Forestry Week
07 - 11 November, 2011
The week, organized by FAO, is being held in conjunction with the 24th Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission and will include events in celebration of the International Year of Forests, 2011. The theme of the Week is ┐New Challenges ┐ New Opportunity.┐

Over 1,500 participants are ...

7 Billion Day
31 October, 2011
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is commemorating this event by leading the ┐7 Billion Actions┐ campaign which will culminate on ┐7 Billion Day┐ on 31 October. The campaign spotlights both the challenges and opportunities that the large current population of the world entails. The latter r...

Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters - seventh session
24 October - 28 September, 2011
In accordance with ECOSOC decision 2011/253 of 27 July 2011, the seventh annual session of the Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters will be held from 24 to 28 October 2011 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The main objective of the session will be to complete...

Fifth Latin American Forestry Congress (CONFLAT V)
19 - 21 October, 2011

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