Commission on Sustainable Development, 20th session

New York
20 September, 2013

Registration has now closed.

Member states decided in resolution 67/203 that the CSD would have its last session (CSD-20) immediately prior to the convening of the first meeting of the high level political forum on sustainable development.

CSD 20 will be held the morning of Friday 20 September from 10 AM to 1PM in Conference room 2 (CB). Following the opening remarks, a panel of former Chairs of CSD will be organized to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned from the Commission as well as to set the stage for the establishment of the high level political forum. Intervention from Major Groups will be coordinated by the Major Groups organizing partners. More info here.

Major groups' organizations that are in consultative status with ECOSOC, including those on the CSD Roster, can send representatives to CSD-20. ECOSOC rules do not permit participation of representatives from organizations that are not accredited. Register here by clicking the link above. A valid photo ID will need to be shown at the registration desk when your representative arrives at UN Headquarters for these meetings.

Detailed Information
Date 20 September, 2013
Location New York
Organizer NGO Branch [ Content posted by United Nations Secretariat, Agency, or Programme UN ENTITY ]
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by China Association of Women Entrepreneurs [NGO]
9 Sep 2013
We can not find the draft programme abot this meeting , can somepn tell us where can we get the meeting cshedule or more details? Thanks!

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by China Association of Women Entrepreneurs [NGO]
4 Sep 2013
We already received the invitation letter about CSD-20.Thank you very much ! But LIU XIAOJUAN , one of our delegation member have not received yet. And we have two more member: LI PING,YANG LIUAN, they will attend the meeting too.We already update our system, please help us to manage it. Thanks!

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by China Association of Women Entrepreneurs [NGO]
5 Sep 2013
Our email: wlb@cawe.org

by Food for the Hungry International (FHI) [NGO]
23 Aug 2013
My registration for the 20th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development still says "Approval Pending." Can someone please advise/offer assistance with confirming my participation? Thank you,

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by Food for the Hungry International (FHI) [NGO]
3 Sep 2013
About two weeks.

by International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations [NGO]
2 Sep 2013
Dear FHI,

May I please ask how long it took before your registration was confirmed? I am also still awaiting my status to be changed from "Approval Pending" to "Confirmed". Please advise and thank you.


by Rural Community Development Program [NGO]
22 Aug 2013
RCDP Chitral, KPK,Pakistan having sent its nomination for approval still await for the approval confirmation and invitation letter, as time comes short for Visa process and travel arrangement.
I would be glad to receive the letters either way earlier enabling us proceed further or otherwise.
thank you for understanding.

Wazir Zada
Chairman RCDP

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