Twelfth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

New York
16 - 20 June, 2014

In their closing remarks at the eleventh session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals on 9 May, the Groupĺs co-chairs, Ambassador Csaba K§r÷si, Permanent Representative of Hungary, and Ambassador Macharia Kamau, Permanent Representative of Kenya, welcomed the outcome of the weekĺs deliberations, referring to the very many concrete suggestions on targets made by delegations. The next session of the Open Working Group will be held in New York on 16-20 June.

Ambassador Kamau highlighted four areas in which the co-chairs see a particular need for more work, namely equality, climate change, means of implementation, and Ĺpeaceful and inclusive societies, rule of law and capable institutions.ĺ

He said that, responding to calls from many delegations, the new iteration of the working document would contain an additional goal on promoting equality, bringing the number of focus areas to 17. This new iteration will be issued by the co-chairs shortly. The Ambassador also said that the co-chairs are ôvery emphatic that it would not be a good idea to end up with too many focus areas,ö and encouraged members of the Group to keep thinking of how to cluster some of them better.

The session ended on a high note, with delegations greeting the co-chairsĺ proposal on the way forward with acclaim. At the next session, the co-chairs intend to proceed by obtaining agreement on targets one by one. Informal-informals will be held from 9 to 11 June, in the week before the 12th session of the Open Working Group, with the aim of removing potential stumbling blocks to progress. A draft chapeau has been produced and is available on the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.

As in previous sessions, the Open Working Group continued holding morning meetings with Major Groups and other stakeholders. The Groupĺs twelfth session will take place from 16 to 20th June.

Detailed Information
Date 16 - 20 June, 2014
Location New York
Organizer Division for Sustainable Development Goals [ Content posted by United Nations Secretariat, Agency, or Programme UN ENTITY ]
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by Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Inc. [NGO]
6 Jun 2014
To Whom It May Concern:

Is it possible to register as an ECOSOC accredited organization to submit an oral and/or written statement during the last session of the OWG on the SDGs?

Best regards,

Marc Jourdan
UN Representative for the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development

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by The Vance Center [NGO]
4 Jun 2014
To Whom It May Concern:

Just like the previous commenter from "Policy Research," our registrations for the 12th OWG on the SDGs were approved, but I do not see any confirmation letters. Please advise or provide confirmation letters. Thank you for your time and attention.

-Clea Bowdery
Vance Center

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by Policy Research [NGO]
17 May 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,

Our registration for the Twelfth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals was approved withoout confirmation letters attached.

Please kindly send the confirmation letters

Best Regards

Jafar Abdulkadir Danesi


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