Second High-level Symposium in preparation of the 2010 Development Cooperation Forum (DCF)

03 - 04 June, 2010

The second High-level Symposium to prepare for the 2010 DCF, organized by UN/DESA jointly with the Government of Finland, will take place in Helsinki on 3-4 June 2010. The goal of the event is to promote pragmatic solutions to make development cooperation more coherent and develop key messages for the upcoming 2010 United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Against the backdrop of multiple crises, it aims to foster discussions among a wide range of stakeholders on issues that can significantly improve the impact of development cooperation on the internationally agreed development goals, including the MDGs.

Furthermore, the Helsinki High-level Symposium will promote Policy Coherence for Development to ensure synergies between development objectives and other policies. The symposium will discuss the multifaceted challenges in building coherence in the range of policies affecting development. Stakeholders will share experiences on how different policies can have a significant impact, either positive or negative, on development and the MDGs.

The Helsinki High-level Symposium will also highlight the significant role of foundations, civil society and the private sector in development cooperation; discuss the positive impact that national mutual accountability mechanisms can have on effective aid delivery and development partnerships; and promote a more concerted effort in achieving gender-related development goals.
The discussions and key messages of the Helsinki Symposium will be captured in a report to inform the ongoing consultative process and analytical work of the DCF.

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