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About us
The Israel Women's Network (IWN) is a non-profit organization of women united in their determination to promote the status of women in Israel, regardless of political affiliation, religious outlook or ethnic origin. Established in 1984, the IWN was the first Israeli organization dedicated to promoting women's rights and equality. The IWN is committed to changing the social context and norms that prevent women from assuming their rightful place as equal partners in Israeli society. The IWN’s work is multi-faceted: promoting women's rights legislation, providing legal representation, offering educational programs, leading empowerment and leadership training, conducting policy research, promoting enforcement mechanisms, and more. Focusing on tools that create wide-reaching change, the IWN takes a pro-active role in advocating women's rights in the Knesset, providing pro-bono legal aid on precedent-setting cases. This passed month we won an appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice in defense of a woman unfairly refused a high-level position. The IWN also functions on a grassroots level in activities ranging from a “hotline” that provides advice and services to women who have suffered discrimination to leadership and educational programs.

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