African Forum and Network on Debt and Development
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The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) is a civil society organization established in 1996 as a regional platform and organisation for lobbying and advocating for debt cancellation and addressing other debt related issues in Africa. With time its focus has encompassed the use of economic resources for development. Over the years, AFRODAD has worked and re-positioned itself as an instrumental and key player in influencing policy makers in national governments and their institutions at regional and global levels. Its activities have focused on Debt Management, Development Aid, International Public Finance, Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Economic Governance. AFRODAD has used research, advocacy, networking and capacity building as key strategies in its programme and institutional development work. Its evidence and research-based advocacy approach in programming has placed it within the interests of governments and academia and made it a hub of capacity building for civil society and Parliamentarians in Africa and beyond.

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