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About us
Sustainable urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace. Architects for Peace is an independent multidisciplinary forum of planners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, engineers, environmentalists and artists working in the public domain, seeking sustainable urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace. The name 'Architects for Peace' involves all aspects of city design. In this sense, we use 'architects' as a term common to all our areas of urban expertise with peace as our goal. we believe that: * There are no clean wars, no positive outcomes from the destruction of lives, communities, cities, the environment and infrastructure * Urban professionals and citizens are the builders of cities, heritage and history. Together we create, enhance and protect the built and the natural environment, ours and that of other nations * As a professional group we can contribute and add to peace efforts, exercising the social responsibility of our professional role * Peace will not be achieved while industrially advanced nations continue to exploit other nations for their natural and human resources. Rather, the resulting poverty and resentment will continually lead us into war * Governments should have a crucial role in preserving, developing and representing the interest of citizens in the development of their cities. Thus, governments have a critical role in managing the social, economic and environmental aspects of urban development. This role cannot be left to corporations * Urban development agendas have to question the way in which industrially developed nations, such as Australia, plan their cities - as this is critically unsustainable our actions: * Contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts affecting nations, cities and the environment * Contribute and initiate discussion around urban, planning, architectural and environmental issues affecting our cities, people and the environment * Condemn and denounce the promotion of war * Denounce the involvement of urban professionals in the creation of structures of repression, conflict and silence * Expose and promote the discussion of political agendas which impinge on peoples¿ rights to their countries, cities, public spaces, land and their environment * Support ethical processes of reconstruction following natural or man-made disasters and denounce unethical practices or unscrupulous profiteering * Support the engagement of local colleagues in their own process of reconstruction * Encourage a process of cooperation and exchange between colleagues from different nations and disciplines * Advocate the importance of the role of educational institutions in promoting social responsibility in our professions * Discourage our educational institutions from participating in research and development work which is connected with the production of weapons * Promote respect, dialogue and friendship between cities, villages and nations

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