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The Office for Israeli Constitutional Law

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We research and write about the History and Cultural background of the Jewish People. We create educational programs about and related to our attachment to the land. We also educate the Knesset and the general public on these issues. THE TWELVE JEWISH TRIBES ANNUAL TRIBAL REPORT TO THE UNITED NATIONS DANGER AHEAD, DANGER BEHIND. As a consequence of World War One and the gracious gifts of U.S. President Wilson via his 14 point plan, the lands of the defunct Ottoman Empire were divided up and given to the Indigenous people of the Middle East and elsewhere. Within the Middle East and North Africa there were created what are today thirty-one (31) Arab/Islamic/Moslem States, one Christian State Lebanon and one Jewish State Palestine/Israel/the Holy Land. As a result of this promise by unanimous vote in the League of Nations, the existing Jewish Organizations in Palestine where 19% of the land had already been purchased for Jewish use, made preparations for the influx of returning Tribal members then residing in the Diaspora. In April 1920 the formal documents were completed by the League of Nations that returned about 70% of the Jewish Tribal lands to the Tribes. In 1922 Britain in violation of the Mandate for Palestine gave 78% of the Jewish Tribal lands to include almost all of the lands of the Tribes of Manasseh, Gad and Ruben to a non existent entity. They rubbed Aladdin’s Lamp and poof out came a make believe King without a Kingdom and so was Jordan created at a great loss to the tribes. Later when the State of Israel invaded southern Lebanon it captured some of the Tribal lands of the tribe of Asher and Naphtali. These same lands had been promised to the Jewish National Home, but bad people in France holding the Mandate for Lebanon refused to release the lands south of the Latani. France’s Mitterrand apologized to the Jewish Tribes for this act in the nineteen-fifties. A Prime Minister named Barak abandoned Southern Lebanon and so the promise we thought to have there evaporated. Later in 2006 another Prime Minister Sharon abandoned Gaza and so we lost much of the Tribal lands of Dan. Today we face new dangers and the Palestinian Arabs who are not indigenous to the Holy Land are trying to convince the world that they are, who they are not, and any peace agreement that involves a two state solution will result in the loss of more Tribal lands. We take all these threats seriously and we are always prepared to show with the Bible, History, Archeology, Science and facts on the ground that prove these are our Tribal lands. Color Maps attached. Positive Events Since 1901 the Jewish National Fund has planted 240 million trees on Jewish Tribal Lands. The Jewish National Home is the only Country in the world which has more trees now than it did 100 years ago. The Jewish National Fund funds studies on forestation and ecology. Deligates come from around the world to learn how to plant trees in dry conditions and to learn about how to protect the forests. Dr. Michael Snidecor, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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