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OLOF PALME PEACE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL Abridged MISSION STATEMENT The OLOF PALME PEACE FOUNDATION, founded in the country of Ghana, Africa, in 1986 in order to promote freedom, justice, dignity, unity and peace for the people of that nation and worldwide. Our foundation is affiliate of the United Nations-DPI. We are non profitable, non political, non partisan. Founder and Executive President of our organization is Osoronko Nana-Yabani, a Ghanaian Linguist, an International Poet and UN Peace Messenger. The inspiration behind our organization is the former, now deceased, prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme. A towering figure in the field of International Peace and Justice for all Mankind. Olof Palme served as Prime Minister of Sweden twice: 14 Oct 1969-08 Oct 1976 and again 08 Oct 1982-28 Feb 1986, where he was assassinated by an unknown gunperson coming from a theatre with his wife. . He was the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969-1986. His legacy involves worldwide efforts to promote peace, fight for the oppressed and for justice. Highlights of those efforts include: a) Criticism of the US over the Vietnam War. b) Vocal opposition to the crushing of the Prague Spring by the Soviet Union in 1968. c) Campaigning against nuclear proliferation. d) Criticism of the Franco regime in Spain. e) Opposition to apartheid and support for economic sanctions against South Africa during that period. f) Political and financial support for both the ANC(African National Congress) and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) g) Meeting with various Independent leaders from the third world. Olof Palme was a great man of balance who understood and executed full well his responsibilities to the Western Alliance and NATO, at the height of the cold war, without compromising his humanitarian principles either for the sake of political alliance with the West or ideological affinity with the East. In his memory have we committed ourselves to the same goals and their expansion worldwide. Consequently our aims and objectives are the following: 1) To give material, moral and spiritual support to efforts and all activities geared toward furthering peace and understanding between people. SPECIAL FOCUS & MISSION: The 2 major areas of concentration in the peace effort are: a) EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN IN EVERY CULTURE WITH EDUCATION, SAFETY & PROTECTION, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES SUCH AS MICROLENDING, FAMILY AND SOCIETAL SUPPORT, HEALTH SERVICES, PROMOTION OF RESPECT. b) On that note the primary focus of our organization is the PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AS WELL AS ANY KIND OF DOMESTIC ABUSE. OUR GOAL IS TO LINK HUMANITY THROUGH PEACE AND WE TAKE AT HEART THE BEATITUDE:”HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO STRIVE FOR PEACE-THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE SONS OF GOD” (Matthew 5-9).

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