Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences
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Tijara House

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1. To promote studies in the works of physicians and scientists — particularly Ibn Sina and his contemporaries — 2. To propagate and disseminate in public interest the useful knowledge concerning medicine, philosophy, science and technology, social and preventive medical science, hygiene and environment. 3. To inculcate in the masses an active interest in useful information regarding science, hygiene and medicine with its advances as well as the frontier areas of research, inventions and discoveries therein and also to make proper utilization of mass media for propagation, dissemination and transmission of the same. 4. To establish dialogue between different theories concerning useful knowledge including the diverse prevalent systems of medical science, methodologies and philosophies; 5. To strive for bringing about adjustment, integration and synthesis and to organize / sponsor educational programmes, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences as well as to promote academic work of all kinds in order to advance and develop the medical science.

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