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As our Mission is to aware each and every people, As we have found many people in India are not aware with Human Rights, Not only Illiterate but Literate peoples are also not aware. First awareness is important because Not one only person can stop violations, we need a good team to aware people, so that they can help themselves by violation of Human Rights. There is today a direct link between the public interest petitions done by IHRC and the campaigns it participates in and convenes. The latter create awareness about the issues, facilitate the dissemination of the orders passed by the courts, and make the process for change participatory. This tells the judiciary that society is concerned about the outcome of the cases, and therefore makes the judiciary more responsive to the needs of civil society. Campaigns form a consultative process through which civil society monitors the progress of a case and the performance of lawyers, and provide crucial information and support for the lawyers. The dynamic interplay between the campaigns and litigation provides for a transparent decision-making process in the conduct of the litigation.

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