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Y4PT focuses all its activities for achieving a sustainable development (sustainable mobility in particular) for all inhabitants of the planet, through the promotion of public transport along with other modes and means of transport, which solve accessibility issues and needs (to essential goods and services), for the most disadvantaged and excluded people, especially youth, and thus, ensuring them a greater welfare and quality of life. For doing that Y4PT strives and is meant to be THE main channel of promotion, communication, education, employment and participation for youth on transport-related mobility issues. As such, it acts as: • THE global pro-sustainable-mobility youth movement, by tracing a global growing trend in using (demanding) sustainable modes and means of transport (particularly those public-transport-centered) as main mobility alternatives; • THE global youth spoke-person & THE global youth platform on sustainable mobility, for claiming the decisive role of youth in building the current public transport (including other means of transport) as future generations will inherit it. And also for ensuring them a better visibility in all scenarios and for facilitating their communication with other stakeholders related to sustainable mobility around the world; • THE global pro-sustainable-mobility youth network, to bring together young people from all over the world who share a genuine and mutual interest in sustainable mobility; • THE world youth forum on sustainable mobility, to exchange arguments and ideas on “how is” (positive view) and “how should be” (normative view) sustainable mobility around the world; • THE world center of young knowledge on sustainable mobility, to preserve and disseminate (universalize) knowledge and experiences (such as best practices, lessons learned, know-how, etc.) generated by young people on sustainable mobility and related issues. In this sense, Y4PT promotes research and innovation initiatives to provide doable (feasible) solutions for transport-related mobility problems throughout the world. • THE global bank of opportunities for youth in the transport-related mobility sector, to act as a mediator in providing job (either as entrepreneurs or workforce) and education (including training) opportunities in the transport-related mobility sector, at different geographic levels, for qualified young people with will of excelling. Therefore Y4PT contributes to the development (building) capacity of young people around the world. One of the Y4PT’s main goals is to ensure that young people have legitimate and effective rights to deliberate and vote on transport-related mobility issues at all levels and in all scenarios, since they are currently an important category of public transport users (mobility actors above all) and they are heirs of all decisions taken by adults at present time. Y4PT addresses issues in two ways: How can young people's ideas help to improve sustainable mobility? • On the other hand, how can sustainable mobility turn people’s lives (especially youth’s ones) more affordable? Y4PT is an international, civil, youth-led, non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary, charitable, transparent, pluralist, altruistic, solidary, autonomous, independent and educational organization, with cooperative identity and non-political general interest, which does not discriminate in terms of race, color, creed, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. VISION “ Building better means of transport from a youth approach, and thus, contributing to a sustainable mobility around the world. “ MISSION “ Developing real opportunities through which young people from all over the world can carry out their ideas on sustainable mobility.”

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High-Level Meeting on Youth 25 - 26 July, 2011

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