Iguassu ITEREI Centro de Referência do Movimento da Cidadania pelas Águas Florestas e Montanhas
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 Rod. Regis Bittencourt Br-116 km 350 Sao Paulo Brasil

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The Iguassu Iterei local and global actions give essential importance to knowledge, to the civil participation, to the prevention and to the precautionary essential principles to be addressed when dealing with challenges as the worldwide water scarcity, the current loss of biological diversity, and the concomitant lobbied global forces for flexibilization of the environmental laws and regulations, as says the IGUASSU ITEREI coordinator, the pedagogue Léa Corrêa Pinto . As an example of one of its local and global actions "The IGUASSU ITEREI Citizenship Movement Reference Center for Water, Forests and Mountains 2011 Water Day CELEBRATION gave focus to the Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador” that would supply urban population and to irreversible damage on Caçador River Basin´s water systems, quality and quantity, caused by the planned highway enlargement, which intends to be constructed on the other virgin riverside (OHL-Brasil ) and also natural disasters caused by the interference on these highest slopes of the Atlantic Coastal Range, potencialized when climate changes occur. As noticed by the global WATERDAY midia " 2 March 2011 – ALERT NEW! DISCOVERY NEW TRIBUTARIES Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador” São Paulo Brazil ALERT. 22 Março 2011 - Dia Mundial da Água The 2011 Celebration started, on the 12 th March with the expedition along the initial 2200 meters of the Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador” inside the IGUASSU ITEREI Water, Forests, Mountains Citizenship Movement Reference Center based in-situ at the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Peaks, among a threatened net of pure freshwater sparkling streams. The expedition along Cassador River/ Iterei Sector “Ribeirão do Caçador” started on Saturday , the 12th, under rain as it is normal on the RAINFOREST, by march 13th 2011, there was less rain and we finished the expedition on this parcel of the Cassador. During these 2 days trip we found that the enjoyable Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador”, had been visited also by an Anta, Tapirus terrestris and also heard all the 500 initials meters the Tinamus solitarius, who left its big footprint on the sand and at least two or more Lontras, Lutra longicaudis , we saw three times their footprints, all along the 2200 meters visited .The important fact was that “we discovered and measured data superior to the official given to the Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador”, such as we found that the 2200 m parcel is composed by 37 (thirty seven) tributaires. 18 (eighteen) flows underneath the slope where it is ploteted the existing road Rodovia Regis Bittencourt, Br-116/SP and 19 (nineteen) flows from the virgin slope. It is clear the difference between the Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador”, quality and quantity of the tributaries. The virgin slope produces enormous quantity of pure crystallin water. The Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador” tributaries from underneath the higway brings very little amount of water , lots of garbage- mainly plastic bottles, and the colour of some highway tributaries are dark grey. The water of Cassador River “Ribeirão do Caçador” is mainly attributed from the virgin slope and less to contributions from the already existing highway slope. More three days up to the 22nd March 2011 were taken, each day to study an uphill tributary inside the Atlantic Forest and more NEW FACTS “ We registered more 25 streams on Cassador River Basin “ Bacia do Ribeirão do Caçador” forming these 3 (three) tributaries samples, one of them is formed by 11 (eleven) streams, other by 8 (eight) sparkling streams e the third sample by 6 (seis) streams."

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