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422 4th floor Tahir Plaza city court Karachi Pakistan

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and I have a plan as I want collect the all data of Lawyers all over the Pakistan and classified in which area the most popular and good practitioner in Pakistan and work for the welfare of lawyers and provide good opportunity to separate the expert lawyers and educate them and enhance the ability of advocates who really make a healthy environment t in world and utilize better way to educate the people (prisoner ) and assist the people and decline the criminal persons in Pakistan and visit jails and juvenile jail and provide free legal aid and good experts will help those persons who are falsely implicated in jail and please give me a chance to work under in united nation and support me and I will work hard and make more then 2000 members in a first instance and as you know the lawyers association in Karachi Pakistan and others cities in Pakistan is not working properly please give me a chance to work for those persons who really helpless after release the prisoner male/female help to getting jobs and provide education,reduction OF crime AND awearness in youth .

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