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We, respected small-, medium- and large-scale enterprises, have joined forces under the auspices of the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative in order to advocate for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in partnership with other political and societal stakeholders. Protecting species, ecosystems, and genetic diversity is a major challenge of our time, akin to climate protection. We aim to contribute to the preservation of the earth’s natural riches, which form the foundation of human existence and thus all economic activity. We consider it an important entrepreneurial responsibility to operate successfully in accordance with the needs of nature. We support the economy’s voluntary commitment to protecting biodiversity and aim to create space for innovation and investment in order to pave the way for ecologically sound technologies, products and services to be successfully introduced into the marketplace. We are ready to share the benefits of the economic utilization of natural resources fairly with those who grant access to them openly and cooperatively. This Initiative serves us as a platform for mutual learning and dialogue in the continuous process of enhancing our biodiversity management. We aspire to inspire other enterprises by communicating examples of economy best practice. In order to increase awareness about our common responsibility to catalyze ecologically sound solutions and foster environmental alliances, members of the Initiative cultivate and engage in an open dialogue between business, politics, science, non-governmental organizations and society on a national as well as international level. We use our expertise and experience to convince our employees and customers as well as the general public to implement ecologically sound patterns of living and consumption that we consider both necessary and beneficial. We seek to contribute to more profound knowledge creation surrounding how economic activity impacts the complexity of nature. As a voice of business, the companies affiliated with the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative advocate reliable political frameworks that support the potential benefits of entrepreneurial commitment to protecting biodiversity under the conditions of global competition. We invite those businesses and organizations willing to integrate the protection of biodiversity into their sustainability management and to transparently report on their progress in establishing ecologically compatible modes of operation to join the Initiative. All companies can become members provided that they: • Support the goals and values of the Initiative as outlined in this Mission Statement; • Sign the Initiative’s Leadership Declaration; • Contribute actively, for instance by participating in the Initiative’s working meetings that take place 2-3 times a year; and • Demonstrate a willingness to support the joint activities of the Initiative by paying an annual membership fee. New members must be approved by the Initiative’s board.

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