Organisation De Developpement Durable
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Khandak street, Al zahrak Bldg, 2 nd floor

About us
It is a global local NGO, based on sustainable development, which make difference and impacts on local and worldwide communities. Locally, we mean to make people more aware of the sustainable development concept, make them believe in it and act for it. We wish to build a new generation with new values away from the religious conflict here in Lebanon. We want to give new citizenship values for the Lebanese context in specific. Concerning the international level, with the help of NGO’s or persons from different other countries, we wish to spread the concept of sustainable development, especially in under developed country, and create the “Worldwide community Action day”. The Worldwide community Action day is a day (each month), were different NGOs from different countries do the same action at the same moment in their respective countries. The action is related to the different NGOs background and should have a positive impact on the communities.

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