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120 Saemal-ro Guro-gu

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Guided by the UNESCO Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom(1974) and the Declaration and Integrated Framework of Action on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy(1995), APCEIU seeks to integrate individuals, communities, nations and international/global systems, and fosters a sustainable relationship between humanity and nature. Mission of APCEIU includes the following: 1. To promote regionally and internationally, EIU which strengthens participatory democracy, protection of human rights, social and economic justice, inter-cultural respect, ecological sustainability, and nonviolent and just reconciliation of conflicts. 2. To collaborate with educators and institutions who share our goals, in order to expand, strengthen, and institutionalize EIU in schools and society. 3. To serve as a centre of excellence for education, training, research and development of curricula for EIU in the Asia- Pacific Region. 4. To share ideas and lessons for enhancing and implementing EIU with educators, policy-makers, institutions, and comm unities in other regions and countries, through networking and partnerships. To pursue this mission, APCEIU emphasizes a pedagogical approach to EIU that integrates knowledge and understanding with the development of values and attitudes underpinning a Culture of Peace. EIU also necessarily catalyzes critical empowerment for positive transformations in all areas of life.

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