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Biafra c/o Jesmion Ibekwe. Zip: 421109, Uruagu Umudioka via Onitsha, dunukofia, Anambra, Biafra. No: 33 Igwe Orizu Road, Ikedife Hospital Nnewi, Biafr. http://biafra.org Tel: +2348036305824 +2348031710417 +2348036247812 +2348035002394 +2348104207522

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Topic: protection-against-retaliation. ExternalLink: http://un.org/en/ethics/retaliation/ ...... Document: -- We are desirous towards achieving self-determination, Freedom strategies. We are marginalised for that reason we cryout/agitates for help to survive. We the Indigenous people of Biafra have been expelled by Nigeria authority following the Nigeria army coup in 1966, SouthEast and SouthSouth were expelled by Nigeria authority. Because the coup affected the Northern Nigeria than other parts. The prime minister of Nigeria was an Hausa man and was killed in the nigeria army coup, for this reason the Nigeria authority went and killed the first Nigeria army general name Johnson Ironsi in retaliation and expelled all Indigenous people of Biafra. Although many Indigenous people of biafra died as a result of the expulsion and some who survived were welcome by Emeka Ojukwu. On the process the community of Hebos could found a name for the remnant Indigenous people of Biafra, and were unanimously agreed on the name 'Biafra'. But in 1967 the Nigeria government started firing rockets against Biafra whom they have expelled. this is proper injustice! And the fight lasted from 1967 to 1970. After 25 years of the war Biafrans starts the self-determination campaigns. Nigeria government started persecuting and killing Biafrans mainly from the time MASSOB starts Biafran campaign upto when Biafra was adopted to the United Nations. Nigeria government didnt respect the United Nations nor have respect for Human Hights, Nigeria government continue killed Biafrans whilst Biafra was invited and welcome to the United Nations. What would be the ideas, how would you wonder about this. What would be your understanding about the suppression. What can be a solution to the unlawful killings and suppressions ..... Who do you think protected the first Nigeria army major general Johnson Ironsi from the Nigeria retaliation in 1966 army coup? ...... Iam Jesmion Ibekwe, ChukwuEmeka Odumegwu Ojukwu has protected the Biafrans from being destroyed. He would have protected Major General Johson Ironsi had Major general Johnson Ironsi listen to him and ran for his life. Ojukwu told general Johnson Ironsi to return to Biafra land because the Nigeria authority had expelled all Indigenous people of Biafra and had started killing Indigenous people of Biafra. But Gen. Johnson Ironsi felt that he can control the situation. Eventually Nigeria killed him in Nigeria government house in Lagos Nigeria. How do some people wonder about Emeka Ojukwu as the protector of the Indigenous people of Biafra? .... Iam Jesmion, some are wondering that it is God which protected the Indigenous people of Biafra from being destroyed by Nigeria. Well, iam Jesmion, Yes, it is God that chose Emeka Ojukwu whose father was the first milionaire in Nigeria, to use his father's money to defend Indigenous people of Biafra for three year's fight with Nigeria (1967 to 1970). Can you have the mind to use your billions to protect the nation .... Or would you just gather your money and deposite it with the world bank so that by the time Nigeria starts firing rocket to destroy Biafra, then you shall board airplane to US, or UK, and there you will enjoy the money you have desited in the world bank, and when eventually everyone is dead, then you would comeback and Nigeria will make you governor of Biafra to govern scorpions and snakes? .... .... Emeka Ojukwu didn't have such evil mind like you, that is the reason we are indigenous people of Biafra and Biafrans today. http://biafra.org

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