First Modern Agro. Tools - Common Initiative Group (FI.MO.AT.C.I.G)
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TIKO Council extension Layout, King''s Place. Likumba , Tiko sub division, Fako, SW Cameroon.

About us
FI.MO.AT.C.I.G aims at promoting second generation agriculture in Cameroon alongside human rights.FI.MO.AT.C.I.G focuses on promoting and helping farmers acquire large pieces of land for mechanized farming.Recently we engage in two projects: Poultry and maize farming and the production and distribution of food processing machinery to food processers FI.MO.AT.C.I.G is affiliated to HOPE FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL(HOMA INT'L). HOMA INT'L is an apolitical, non-denominational and nonprofit making charitable organization that was initiated in Cameroon since 2014 and registered in 2018. The organization was formed with the sole purpose of helping the poor and the needy in Cameroon. We have been engaged in a number of aid and development projects in Cameroon such as children’s home, Health Centre for the less privileged, and scholarships for orphans in our partner schools for the young talented ones in the society and lately a school for the needy. This Union has recently been engage in looking for solutions to the Anglophone problem in Cameroon.

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