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"Women┐s empowerment is a key to successful development"
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Date published 15 May 2009
Link to Official Document E/2010/NGO/24
Recognizing positive steps of States towards implementation of MDGs, BPFA and CEDAW in the Central Asian region

Forum of women┐s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan and Feminist League are expressing our concern with continuing challenges faced by poor and marginalised women in our region.

Women don┐t need only political declarations, women need adequate mechanisms, equal opportunities, adequate resources and real actions!

We express our deep concerns with very negative impact on lives of women of political turbulence, globalization and militarism, global economic and financial crisis, growing religious fundamentalism, strengthening patriarchal attitudes towards women.

We call to implement commitment to reach women┐s empowerment!
Women's participation in political processes is crucial for reaching MDGs
Women continue to be dramatically underrepresented in decision-making positions in all five Central Asian Republics. It is needed to have a State consistent program and effective implementation and monitoring mechanism on women┐s political empowerment, inclusion of women into decision-making bodies as heads of bodies, allocation of State budget for these purposes, and to overcome conservative and patriarchal attitudes towards women┐s effective and full political participation. Equal representation and participation of women and men in decision-making is one the fundamental steps for addressing social and economic issues in an integrated way.
States should:

1. Include women and women┐s organizations into development cooperation development actors .
2. To adopt and implement temporary special measures to increase the level of women┐s representation in all decision making positions,
3. To Start Gender budgeting initiatives and Allocate in the state budget finances for women┐s rights.
4. To attract international financial support through inclusion of women┐s rights into country┐s priorities list.

Empower women to overcome impact of global crisis on women

Women suffer financial, economic and social impacts from the global economic crisis at macroeconomic, microeconomic, and personal levels. Women of Central Asia already had unequal access to economic and financial resources and decision-making ┐ more then 85% of wealth in our countries is owned by men. Women entrepreneurs have fewer opportunities to get access to financial resources because real wealth is concentrated in men┐s hands. In rural Kyrgyzstan female heads of farms comprise only 12 %, while more then 90% of arable land, cattle, poultry, and agricultural and processing machinery are owned by men.
We call for setting special international, regional and national funds for support of women┐s economic initiatives, for strengthening national institutional machineries and gender mainstreaming in all line ministries of the governments.
Women should be present at the table when solutions are being discussed to support economic growth rooted in gender equality and social justice.

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