Calendar of DESA events

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10 - 14 September Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX

17 September Briefing on the Global Infrastructure Forum 2018
New York

18 September - 31 December General Assembly, Seventy-third session
New York

24 September High-level Meeting on Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
New York

Disclaimer for Fraudulent Conference Invitations: Note that fraudulent emails are currently being circulated, inviting individuals or groups to UN DESA conferences in London, United Kingdom or similar conferences. Please be aware that the United Nations is not involved in the arrangement of such conferences, and the use of the name of the UN or DESA in this instance is not authorized. Accordingly, we suggest that you do not respond to the email or take any further action in relation to the invitation. For more information, please visit the United Nations Fraud Alert website

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