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ECOSOC 2012 High-Level Segment

The United Nations Headquarters, New York
02 - 09 July, 2012

The 2012 High-Level Segment will include sessions on the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR). The theme for the AMR segment this year will focus on ┐Promoting productive capacity, employment and decent work to eradicate poverty in the context of inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth at all levels for achieving the MDGs┐.

The High-level Segment will be held on 2-9 July at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

The annual open call for submission of written statements and requests for oral statements for this event has finished on 6 April 2012.

Please note that registration is not required for this event. All NGOs in consultative status are welcome to attend provided that they have a valid UN Ground Pass. For information about requesting ground passes please click here.

Detailed Information
Date 02 - 09 July, 2012
Location The United Nations Headquarters, New York
Organizer Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination [ Content posted by United Nations Secretariat, Agency, or Programme UN ENTITY ]
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by Total Support Group For Nigeria In Diaspora,UK [NGO]
15 Sep 2018
I appreciate United Nation humanitarian aids for Nigeria in different States in Nigeria.They should continue working with charities government sectors for the development. Dauda Awwal President,TSGND,UK

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by Biafra Indigenous People [NGO]
4 May 2018
Some countries; example, Nigeria, would not like to grant Biafra a certificate to attend conference because Biafra is asking for selfs-determination and freedom. But, Biafra can now attend through 'ground pass' Thanks.

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by Biafra Indigenous People [NGO]
4 May 2018
We appreciate the way the conference was updated. Any with ground pass is allowed not necessarity country's certificate which may seems dificult for the participants

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by Customary Government Indigenous People of Biafra [NGO]
27 Mar 2017
We appreciate and are interested for the upcoming session

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by Biafranedu [NGO]
14 Mar 2017
We are grateful and will like to participate in due time, in accurate time

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by Messiah Healing Sabbath Church [NGO]
10 Mar 2017
We are interested in the poverty eradication conference

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by Biafra [NGO]
30 Jan 2017
That is nice initiative

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by African child education right Initiatives [NGO]
29 Jul 2015
African Child Education Right Initiatives will like it's Director of communications /Lead Advocate to attend this event. Is it still possible

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by Asociacion Cubana de las Naciones Unidas (Cuban United Nations Association) [NGO]
27 Apr 2015
In view of the celebration of this event, to be held in July 2015, the ACNU would like to state the following:

Our Association gives greater importance to intergovernmental negotiations that leads to the adoption of the new framework for development after 2015, as the most relevant multilateral process of the year. At the same time, it expresses the important role the civil society plays in this process. In addition ACNU has coordinated the national consultations in Cuba since 2013 on the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and the construction of Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and the Agenda Post-2015 for Development.

It is necessary to conclude a genuine intergovernmental negotiation among UN member states, to create a real political commitment, in order not to repeat the mistakes of the MDGs, that were not created nor agreed governmentally, and in many cases this has been taken as a pretext for Member States in order to avoid public policies and its inclusion in their development plans. It is essential to consider the experience of the MDGs and cover their shortcomings, including gaps in financing and changing international financial architecture, to create an enabling international environment for sustainable development and compliance Agenda for future development. We give an essential importance to the fact that the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, could meet those expectations and that synergies should be established in these processes.
On the Agenda Post-2015 for Development, the United Nations Cuban Association considers the following recommendations, that coincides with the main conclusions reached in the consultations process with over 100 Cuban organizations, on this important issue:
To respect the Charter of the UN, that is the only instrument that has transcended and is valid since its creation, and during almost 70 years, and it is based on peace, cooperation and friendly relations among peopl

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by Asociacion Cubana de las Naciones Unidas (Cuban United Nations Association) [NGO]
27 Apr 2015
- To be universal and flexible enough to respond to the priorities, needs, situations and levels of development of countries, and to put forward and show political will of the governments towards public policies in fulfilling ODS.
- Take into account the principle of common responsibilities, but differentiated ones, in their compliance at global level.
- To reaffirm the leading role of the State in the definition and implementation of policies and national development plans.
- To include goals and objectives of sustainable development and not ones of the political nature, that leads to a subjective burden and that is not linked to the pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental), since that could imply the rejection of governments and paradoxically, could be used to impose conditionalities or promote preconceptions towards certain countries and therefore the focus on sustainable development and poverty eradication would be compromised.
- To establish support and aids mechanisms and concrete implementation of them for developing countries, such as the transfer of technologies, including environmentally sustainable, without which it would be impossible to achieve competitiveness and productivity in developing countries, as well as reducing the gaps between developed and developing countries; the flow of resources, capacity building, development and transfer of environmentally sustainable technology on favorable terms, the reform of multilateral trade rules, the achievement of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitments, and the reform of the architecture of the monetary-financial institutions and new financial rules, that could meet the interests and needs of all countries.
- To count with more efficient mechanisms for monitoring and appraisal of all stakeholders involved in the achievement of goals and objectives at the national level, taking into account that they should not constitute an additional financial burden for human financial and information resources.

by Tanchangya Kalyan Sanghstha in Bangladesh [NGO]
31 May 2014

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by Arab African American Womens' Leadership Council Inc. [NGO]
25 Apr 2013
Big time for Media and the 2nd power in the USA. It is becoming a Must to speak about about violence, abuses, human trafis, gender inequalities through A Radio and especially TV who's effect is powerful and real to the world. International Association of Women in Radio and Television breaks TABOUS and give courage and freedom to defend the Rights of Women to equal human rights and less segregation or fanaticism. It is a tool that helps gender issues and may allow our generations to come to a better peaceful future with less discrimination and more peace.

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by International Association of Women in Radio and Television [NGO]
16 Nov 2012
International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT)

Some societies do not especially recognize violence against women as a crime apart from other violent crimes. For other societies there is not even recognition that this violence is even criminal. Female victims of rape often stand accused while the perpetrators are allowed to continue without punishment. The victim of abuse is often exhorted to return home to her abuser. The importance and unique position that all societies innately attach to violence against women is shown when this violence is used as an act of war to attack not only the women who actually experience the transgression, but also the entire society of which she is a part.

Governments of the world have committed themselves to advancing gender equality by working for the equality and recognition of the diversity of women by signing the Beijing Declaration. Along with the Declaration, the Beijing Platform of Action has done well at outlining steps needed to advance these goals. However, it has been 17 years since its inception and the commitment of Governments toward actively pursuing these goals is flagging. We propose that the missing element in the enforcement of the rights of women is the actual involvement of women in the securing of their rights. Governments are limited in what they can achieve without political pressure from the populace. To this end, we suggest focusing upon media to enlighten the population about the agreed tenets included within the declaration.

Media is the sector where ideas can be circulated and allow society to debate them. In many societies this has not happened with regard to gender equality and women, and their society, are still unfamiliar with the rights that their governments have agreed to in international forums. The reason for the lack of programs that also show a woman┐s perspective is the lack of women in both production roles and also in administration roles in media companies and institut

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by The African Youth Organization [NGO]
9 Aug 2012
CREATION OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Generally the creation of employment opportunities for the youth unavoidably is a global problem that must be solved. The youth may not be able to attain the weapon to destroy this ugly monster called employment if they are not empowered skillfully and financially. This can be carefully implemented through the invitation of all the unemployed youth in an African country communities if possible local govt. areas.
The statistic would be taken by accredited monitoring group set up by the coordinator of this project. Each African youth educational background would be known and written down in files. Their areas of interest would be noted, their contact addresses/ Telephone number would be taken, Age of Marital status noted amongst other Account the above statistic would be gathered to ensure a litchi- free classification s and assessment.
Further more: the organizer are to prepare / appoint and employ professionals locally or internationally to ensure that crafts and vocational centers are established at various center to undertake the training of the youth in all areas of the chosen careers, the available crafts could include tailoring & fashion-designing, barbing , hospitality concerns, vulcanizing, computing education, mechanical and electrical workshops, farming etc. Moreover, As soon as the training commences, the coordination would make sure that either small-scale or large scale industries are built with all the necessary machineries needed to absolve the skilful youth. Production would follow accordingly with the creation of available market to consume the products/goods produced at moderate/pockets-for decently price.

A large Accounting section would be set up for proper and transparent accountability of all the funds need and plunging back white the profit mange are taken care of accordingly. Proper monitoring of all the activities by the coordination through a special committee would be set up to make sum reality.

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by Umuada Igbo Nigeria [NGO]
23 Jun 2012
Over the years and in the stride to achieve the MDGs, lot has been done on the issues concerning productive capacity, employment and decent work k to eradicate poverty as well as achieve sustainable economy at all levels.
Many a times the issue on productive capacity, employment and descent work is traded as a high level discussion at the global level without the consideration of the people existing at the rural level where this is more needed. The International Community strives diligently to ensure that poverty is eradicated and there is sufficient decent work for adequate productively yet in the midst of the whole efforts the target group are ignored and are not provided with the opportunity to present their concerns. These concerns are practical concerns that if given the opportunity to be heard possible interventions could be obtained in achieving the MDGs for sustainable and equitable growth at all levels.
As various concerns and issues are deliberated at this meeting on promoting productive capacity, employment and descent work to eradicate poverty attention must be given to
i. Women , young women and girls Indigenous women , women living with HIV/AIDS, widows and those marginalized as a result of traditional and cultural practices and employment should be placed for the interest of the core needs of these women.
ii. There should be increase in domestic demand and female labor participation
iii. Creation of descent work and employment in the rural communities should be at heart of policies for sustainable growth and development successes
iv. Efforts should be geared to promote Women Dialogue among women groups and association at the grassroots to tackle high rate of women unemployment in various communities
In all social protection floors should build and strengthen measures to protect rural and less privileged groups from work place and economic growth violence on women and girls.
By International Rep UMUADA IGBO NIGERIA

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by Amis des Etrangers au Togo (A.D.E.T.) [NGO]
7 Jul 2012
The NGO ADET:Amis des Etrangers au Togo) is an organization against racism, racial discrimination so we are aggred yor view.

by Youth Bridge Foundation [NGO]
26 May 2012
by Youth Bridge Foundation www.youthbridgefoundation.net /www.aygconference.org

The Verein zur Forderung der Volkerverstandigung proposes interesting ideas. Ca you link up?

Our biggest worry in Africa is the continued youth marginalization in terms of participation and representation in finding solutions to African youth challenges. For instance in response to the peculiar issue of youth unemployment, the continent has developed a youth charter and introduced other policy initiatives to address the problem. But there is hardly any evidence of how far the continent has come with respect to concrete actions taken to address youth unemployment.

Again, the 17th AU Summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea under the theme: Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development, called on African governments to advance the youth agenda through elaborating policies and mechanisms for creating employment, technical/vocational education, ICT and agriculture. The ┐bridge of youth unemployment┐ remains un-mended.

Picking up the issue, the African Youth and Governance (AYG) Conference, Accra 2012 scheduled for August 8-10 will create the platform for policy dialogue with the youth in finding youth-driven solutions to unemployment in Africa. The theme ┐Partnerships for Job Creation: A Wheel for Transformational Governance┐ hints on the prime objective of partnerships and broader inclusiveness in Africa┐s development agenda where youth are recognized as key players.

This should take the AU 49th Anniversary theme further by suggesting that youth entrepreneurship can indeed boost Intra Africa Trade whilst fostering integration that shall be anchored on the youth.

The Conference is also opened to Non-African to attend a observers and share experiences. Visit www.aygconference.org to register and for more information.

Youth Bridge Foundation, is in ECOSOC Special Consultative Status

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by Verein zur Forderung der Volkerverstandigung [NGO]
6 Apr 2012
Assuming that in 2050 nine million people would all aspire to the level of prosperity achieved in OECD nations, the economy would need to grow 15 times the size of our current economy by 2050. This fact leads to a dilemma: growth may be unsustainable, but de-growth appears to be unstable too. First, this dilemma could be resolved by replacing the mechanistic view of economic by a "humanity-bound economy" exemplified in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability in a global context. Second, what is needed are new business models less relying on core competence, but more on what is available to meet the basic needs of people. Coming global challenges ask for a shift from core business and economics of scale to multiple businesses concentrating on economies of scope. Third, another conventional response is to call for ┐decoupling┐ respectively ┐dematerialization┐: continuous growth has to be linked with decline of material throughput. Since our modern capitalistic economies are good at improving efficiency this seems an appealing approach. In changing methods and strategies of business into those compatible with nature an entirely new branch of industry can develop and a huge diversification of ┐green jobs┐ can be created, which will contribute to sustainable development and economic growth and furthermore push forward eradication of poverty. CSR could be used as an approach to stimulate sustainable patterns and to foster solid public-private partnerships, the possibilities of which have not been fully exploited yet. The relevant entry points are: first, to what extent business activities could be adapted to priorities of national or international development, and second, how governments could effectively assist and facilitate those business manners. Submitted by Society for the Advancement of Global Understanding (Verein zur F÷rderung der V÷lkerverstńndigung), Vienna/Austria

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by Humanitaires Sans FrontiŔres [NGO]
4 Jul 2013
C'est un trŔs bon commentaire

by Coastal Band of Chumash Nation [NGO]
18 Apr 2012
This is a very good start. We need factor in solutions for our Indigenous Peoples who have been dispossessed of lands. A vast majority of the problems we see today arise out of the destructive post-colonial concepts continuing the subordination of Indigenous.

by Verein zur Forderung der Volkerverstandigung [NGO]
6 Apr 2012
This is a very good comment

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