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The DPI/NGO Resource Centre is the home away from home for representatives of over 1700 NGOs associated with DPI. It is a place where they meet, work and obtain information about United Nations activities and events. It has a video lending library which includes the 21st Century television series, UN in Action as well as other UN-produced films. A conference area, with a seating capacity of about 10 people, is available and may be booked by DPI-associated NGOs in advance for official meetings. In addition, there are four computers for the exclusive use of NGO representatives.The NGO Resource Centre staff provide a number of services to NGOs including registration for the annual DPI/NGO Conference and the mailing and processing of the annual accreditation form. The staff also make arrangements for all guest passes for DPI/NGO briefings.Information materials on a variety of UN and NGO-related issues may be obtained in the Resource Centre including the Millennium Development Goals, peacekeeping, human rights, and HIV/AIDS. Copies of the latest DPI/NGO briefing calendar, the Daily Journal and the UN Daily Highlights are also available.

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