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2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment
Record number of written statements and oral presentations at the ECOSOC High-Level Segment in New York, 28 June - 2 July, 2010
In accordance with Economic and Social Council Resolution 1996/31 (IV), statements from non-governmental organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC may be presented to the Council in two modalities: written statements, circulated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the members of the Council; and oral presentations, given during Council meetings.

The High Level Segment (HLS) was held on 28 June-2 July 2010 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The HLS included sessions on the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR), the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) and many others. The theme for the AMR segment this year was "Implementing the Internationally Agreed Goals and Commitments in Regard to Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women", while the theme of the DCF was "Development Cooperation in Times of Crises: New Commitments to Reach the MDGs".

This year, the NGO Branch of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs announced an open call for oral and written statements for the 2010 High Level Segment for NGOs in ECOSOC consultative status. The turnout was phenomenal - 44 NGOs were recommended to speak at the 2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment by the NGO Committee. A total of 16 NGOs made oral presentations at the 2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment. In addition, 90 NGOs submitted written statements that were distributed among all participants and available online as the official ECOSOC documentation. In comparison with NGO participation in the 2009 ECOSOC High Level Segment where only 8 NGOs delivered oral presentations and 33 NGOs submitted written statements - NGO participation in the year of 2010 experienced a 50% increase in delivering oral presentations and a 37% increase in submitting written statements.
Oral Participation
A total of 16 NGOs delivered oral presentations during the five days of the meeting, in which multiple stakeholders got together to discuss the progress made and the steps needed to address gender equality and empowerment of women worldwide in order to achieve the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

The NGO Branch differentiates between Oral Statements and Oral Interventions. In order to deliver an oral statement at the 2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment, the NGO in ECOSOC consultative status applied online and its oral statement was reviewed, selected, and recommended to the President of ECOSOC by the NGO Committee. In addition, some other NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC were able to participate informally by making short comments or asking questions during the different debates and roundtable meetings that took place during the four days event; we call this Oral Interventions.

Complete Listing of Oral Statements and Interventions
Written Participation
In addition, a total of 90 written statements were selected and circulated during the 2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment. A few NGOs also submitted joint written statements which was quite a successful and innovative practice this year as well. Submission of joint written statements proves to be beneficial for NGOs, as it provides an excellent opportunity for a number of NGOs to participate; it creates a greater civil society representation; and it truly unites the voices of non-governmental organizations worldwide. Therefore, the NGO Branch strongly supports and encourages NGOs in ECOSOC consultative status to submit joint written statements in the future. The following non-governmental organizations submitted written statements for the 2010 ECOSOC High Level Segment:

Complete Listing of Written Statements

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