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A profile in this database and on this website does not in and of itself connote any affiliation with the United Nations, unless such affiliation is expressly indicated, i.e., by identifying the type of ECOSOC consultative status held by an NGO.

Avnei Derech La'Haim (R.A.)

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Organization's name: Avnei Derech La'Haim (R.A.)
Organization's name (English): Avnei Derech La'Haim
Organization's acronym: ZAP
Organization's acronym (English): AD
Former Name(s): ZAP
Headquarters address  
Address: Berl Katzanelson 41
Kiryat Shemona
Phone: +972-4645-7303
Fax: +972-73-211-3027
Email: info@avneiderech.org.il
Web site: www.avneiderech.org.il
Organization type: Disability, Development and Rights Organizations
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