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Association of Medical Doctors of Asia

Consultative Status

ECOSOC General since 2006

Application year Submission Consultative Status
2006 Application ECOSOC General Consultative Status

Application year Submission Consultative Status
2006 Re-classification ECOSOC General Consultative Status
Quadrennial Reporting Period Document Symbol/CRP ECOSOC Decision
1995 - 1998 E/C.2/1999/2/Add.21 Taken Note
1999 - 2002 E/C.2/2005/2/Add.18 Taken Note
2003 - 2006 E/C.2/2008/2/Add.31 Taken Note
2006 - 2009 E/C.2/2011/2/Add.10 Taken Note
2010 - 2013 E/C.2/2015/2 Taken Note
2014 - 2017 E/C.2/2019/CRP.9 Taken Note
2018 - 2021 E/C.2/2023/CRP.8 Taken Note