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World Lebanese Cultural Union, Inc.

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Areas of expertise & Fields of activity:

Social Development:
  • Youth
  • Geographic scope: International
    Country of activity:
  • Belgium
  • Costa Rica
  • Paraguay
  • Sweden
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Lebanon
  • Uruguay
  • Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
  • Ghana
  • Central African Republic
  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Burkina Faso
  • France
  • Morocco
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Millennium Development Goals:
  • Develop global partnership for development
  • Mission statement:
    Year established:
    Year of registration: 1962
    Organizational structure: WLCU was founded in Mexico City in 1959 and today WLCU has a worldwide presence and more than 357 legally registered chapters in 35 major cities.
    Number and type of members: - More than 10,000 members - More than 267 registered WLCU chapters - More than 90 affilated clubs
    Funding structure:
  • Membership fees or dues
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