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Asia Pacific Basin for Energy Strategies Association, Inc.

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Sustainable Development

Major group affiliation:
  • Business and industry
Affiliation with other organizations: Not applicable
Publications: "Negotiating oil prices amidst oil's crippling effects: An ASEAN Energy," 2008. APBest’s first advocacy paper, was presented in the ASEAN Energy Business Forum 2008 held in conjunction with the 28th ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting on August 6, 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was acclaimed as "thought-provoking and action-pushing."
Statements or documents submitted
Commission on Sustainable Development:
Not applicable

Social Development

Affiliation with other organizations: Not applicable
Publications: Notapplicable
Purpose of the organization: APBest seeks to attain energy security in the Pacific basin through agreements on global pricing and supply-and-demand models that are reasonably profitable and socio-economically responsive. To this end, the Association seeks to organize, encourage and promote advocacies and initiatives to bring to the urgent attention of the United Nations (UN) the unabated global increases in oil prices.
Activities relevant to the conference of States Parties to the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Not applicable
Confirmation of the activities of the organization at the regional, national or international level: Not applicable
A list of members of the governing body of the organization, and their countries of nationality: Bayani S. Aguirre, Filipino (Deceased) Lauro Baja, Jr., Filipino Ronald Dylan P. Concepcion, Filipino Jaime M. Cortes, Filipino Benjamin E. Diokno, Filipino Rogelio D. Garcia, Filipino Roberto Rafael V. Lucila, Filipino Angelo A. Jimenez, Filipino Nelson A. Navarro, Filipino Jorge V. Sarmiento, Filipino Antonio A. Ver, Filipino
Description of the membership of the organization, indicating the total number of members: The Association has seventeen Founding members, where eleven (11) of which consist the Board of Trustees. The remaining eight (8) are regular members who contribute their expertise in the different relevant fields of interests.